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  1. Literacy is dying along with a bunch of other 'civilizing' things. Most either don't graduate from HS or do but they were just pushed along through the system with teachers struggling with non-English speakers and general complacency (at least in our once very good public education system). Sad to read what many 20-30 year old's nowadays try to write in posts or in reports. Even as an engineer, towards the end of my career, many struggled (and dreaded) to write status reports or technical reports due to their lack of basic English language and sentence structure skills... And those were the college grads. MANY folks walking around today cannot read nor write nor do basic math. That's scary re our future....especially since they DO vote (and WILL vote for "free everything" out of a sense of survival albeit it a short and brutal one!).
  2. Bobby1970: 1st, thanks for verifying that the line from U2's "New Years Day" stating "..we live in the golden age and gold is the reason for the wars we wage..." or some such is actually there as I must have had the long version of this song at one time but all the versions I have now are the short version that I wait in vain for each time it comes up on random play for that great line that never comes and I was beginning to think it was from some other song! Will DL this better long version and replace the short versions I now have. Another great bass song from U2 that I did not see listed is "Love is Blindness" that only my EPI 1000's (re the systems that I have..) can do justice to relative to the low low bass in that song's intro which is room filling and smooth as silk and felt in your bones and body (at loud enough volume and if your system goes that low without "cracking" or rattling...). See you also included PF's "One of These Days" that is also a "great bass" song!
  3. Nahash5150 wrote: "Seriously, I really never knew that song was so loved, it was always one of my favs." Yeah, me neither, Nahash. But I rated it 5+ stars after hearing it during the countdown. Later, when I Excel sorted all 100 songs by these ratings, I only had three with 5+ ratings and as luck would have it, this song was the 1st listed of these three, hence it became my #1 (I did not attempt to order the songs beyond their "star" rating: if several were tied at any particular star rating, I just let Excel "sort" it out. That's as good a way as any as if you have several tied at a particular star value, on any given day any of them could be preferred over the others (other 3 in the case of those that got the 5+ star value). But in this case, I agree: 'A Day in the Life' beats 'Sun King' medely and my other 5+ rated song, the 'Happy Just to Dance With You' early Beatles gem.... Of interest, is that this is the 2nd year for this Sirius radio top 100 Beatles countdown, and the 1st year, 'A Day in the Life' was #1 then as well! (Beatles "fans" that listen to channel 18 - 'The Beatles Channel' - on Sirius radio vote on the top 100 each year for this countdown list...).
  4. I'd really hate to see this site "die" over this issue. Hopefully 'this too shall pass'. For those of us enjoying Carver amp and mkII amped systems that FAR exceed what we thought we'd ever enjoy (either out of ignorance or lack of the 10's of thousands of dollars that equivalent "modern" audio systems would cost us..), we'd very much miss this site (the 'other site' is cool, but the real Carver amp "brains" reside here, IMO, and has the collective knowledge to keep our "dream" systems alive in the future. If that makes me selfish, well so be it...I try and contribute what I can here from time to time and since joining years ago and having had many great discussions/debates with Rich who is probably the most patient and generous "audio genius" any of us has known, and everyone knows who the 'go to guys' here are along with Rich. My only thoughts reading this thread was that I don't think non-repair folks actually appreciate what a generous thing it is for the tech's here to repair Russ's mk2 related failures for amp's that they did not do these mods on. I cannot imagine the effort (for much lazier and less caring me..) that would take to get one motivated to undertake all that effort and expense without having the eventual reward of getting paid for their work or of realizing that "I screwed up, therefore I must fix this" when indeed, they did not screw up...some irresponsible cad did. Analogous to a guy getting tagged for child support when he did not father the child! Also why something called a 'mechanic's lien' exists: people who work hard to fix or repair something MUST be paid. It's nearly a sacred thing legally! Voluntarily doing hard work for free is a very noble thing is what I'm trying to point out to those here who want to think that the root of this issue is no big deal. It is!
  5. Show us the independent lab double blind tests that show a statistically significant percent of test participants (audiophiles or audiophools..) picked the "magic paste" treated system as 'sounding better' than the identical untreated system (perhaps burn to a CD in random order pairs of songs that were played with ALL settings the same, 1st with the system untreated and then all the songs re-played on this same system after it was treated. Ask participants to ID the "treated" song of the pairs by ID'ing which one 'sounded better'). IF a statistically significant percent ID the song pair member from the treated system as 'sounding better', than you might have an argument (this percent will depend on the number of songs and participants using standard statistical criteria). Otherwise, STFU and stick this stuff where the sun don't shine, 'cause it's all in your head and strong desire to justify your "years of work" and get paid for all this (most likely) wasted effort! Reality....learn to love it! ?
  6. ^ I assume this "trick" only used once per restaurant as otherwise, you will almost certainly get a well earned side of spit in your meal the 2nd time you eat there! Just say'n.
  7. elgrau

    New Vinyl Releases

    Sk1Bum wrote " I don't know. I didn't order this one--yet." ?"Have another hit..." "One toke over the line Sweet Jesus, one toke over the line..." You seem to have the 'vinyl habit' real bad, Sk1Bum! Did they give you the 1st one for free? ? Interesting that those prices are pretty much close to the max I'd pay for these remastered classics, Sk1. Guess they've done their marketing homework (as any good pusher would!). J/k....Enjoy! Might try one the SRV's....
  8. Just for the record re above posts, I was not including nor implying that Hendrix was in the "over the top" guitar playing group. Perhaps Eddie VanHalen's "style" is more what I was referring to.. Jimmy was always smooth and totally in control and played soulfully and not just "uber fast" simply for the sake of fast... Whatever
  9. No offense, but I always found here 'over the top' voice and mannerisms to be a bit of an act and/or too much of an expression of a near mental illness. That's not my cup of musical tea. If she couldn't stand the heat, perhaps she needed to leave the kitchen and get some help for her booze and drug problems. As in "over the top" guitar playing, I've never seen the point of over the top physical performances. Phony as in reality looking for love from or to musicians is not real nor healthy. As said before, I love music but don't really give a rat's ass for musicians (any more than one would have for any artist be it actor, painter, whatever). Their gifts (which they are well rewarded for..) are the art that they can create and not really about themselves...IMHO! Janice made it way too much about herself and her oh so hard life...she perhaps needed to see some of the real hard life's that exist in the world with children who daily die from starvation and NOKO citizens beaten and worked and starved to death. Apologies to Joplin fans; may she RIP!
  10. Another one bites the dust too early and for the same old tragic reason! RIP, Tom; we'll miss the music you would have created but very thankful for what you gave us! "Existential"/related aside: an aspect of digital music that's always intrigued me: ALL digitally recorded music is just unique (but finite..) combinations of 1's and 0's. That means that ALL of the music that The Beatles (e.g.) never produced (or all that they did but played backwards, in any foreign language, if Paul had a cold, etc., etc.), all of the music that Elvis or Petty or anyone never produced is "out there" as one of the finite (but very, very HUGE) combinations of however many bits it takes to record ~3-4 minutes of music. And if one had an almost infinite amount of time, one could sift through all of these 2^N combinations (where N=number of bits needed to record/define the average length song) of recorded bits of digital music of 3 to 4 or 5 minutes in length and thus hear EVERY possible song that can be digitally represented for this time duration! Perhaps this is a reason that analog is a more "accurate" recording of a song in that the number of possible songs recorded using analog storage is infinite and so to at least some degree, any digital recording must be a slight approximation as that's the only way a finite number of digital recordings can cover an infinite number of possible songs. But as always, could you hear the difference?
  11. Ban Pmat for posting video clip of female. Her panties are very offensive; please remove them!
  12. Too many Chinese having sex at the same time and "in-phase".....true; look it up!
  13. cwad8505 wrote "Those are 2 10" Dayton Ultimax series subs.." Did you experience any issues with any of the added/new drivers (sub or otherwise) "rattling"/resonating at any low frequencies, cwad? And if so, any resolution tips? I HAD a '98 Acura Integra with the Acura premium sound system and it was the best auto sound system I've ever had and I miss it 'cause my current car (which came with an Infinity "premium" sound system...not) "rattles" at distinct frequencies and is very annoying especially on any song that dwells on these problem frequencies. So bad that I'm considering re-doing the mounting hardware of the non-tweeters even though that would involve a lot of interior panel removals... But I doubt if any other simpler solution exist for the sound system of this mid priced 2015 sports sedan (which will remain un-named in lieu of its other very good qualities and in the hope that they have corrected this sound system's flaw for 2016 and beyond model years...).
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