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  1. Bobby1970: 1st, thanks for verifying that the line from U2's "New Years Day" stating "..we live in the golden age and gold is the reason for the wars we wage..." or some such is actually there as I must have had the long version of this song at one time but all the versions I have now are the short version that I wait in vain for each time it comes up on random play for that great line that never comes and I was beginning to think it was from some other song! Will DL this better long version and replace the short versions I now have. Another great bass song from U2 that I did not see listed is "Love is Blindness" that only my EPI 1000's (re the systems that I have..) can do justice to relative to the low low bass in that song's intro which is room filling and smooth as silk and felt in your bones and body (at loud enough volume and if your system goes that low without "cracking" or rattling...). See you also included PF's "One of These Days" that is also a "great bass" song!
  2. Nahash5150 wrote: "Seriously, I really never knew that song was so loved, it was always one of my favs." Yeah, me neither, Nahash. But I rated it 5+ stars after hearing it during the countdown. Later, when I Excel sorted all 100 songs by these ratings, I only had three with 5+ ratings and as luck would have it, this song was the 1st listed of these three, hence it became my #1 (I did not attempt to order the songs beyond their "star" rating: if several were tied at any particular star rating, I just let Excel "sort" it out. That's as good a way as any as if you have several tied at a particular star value, on any given day any of them could be preferred over the others (other 3 in the case of those that got the 5+ star value). But in this case, I agree: 'A Day in the Life' beats 'Sun King' medely and my other 5+ rated song, the 'Happy Just to Dance With You' early Beatles gem.... Of interest, is that this is the 2nd year for this Sirius radio top 100 Beatles countdown, and the 1st year, 'A Day in the Life' was #1 then as well! (Beatles "fans" that listen to channel 18 - 'The Beatles Channel' - on Sirius radio vote on the top 100 each year for this countdown list...).
  3. ^ I assume this "trick" only used once per restaurant as otherwise, you will almost certainly get a well earned side of spit in your meal the 2nd time you eat there! Just say'n.
  4. Sk1Bum wrote " I don't know. I didn't order this one--yet." ?"Have another hit..." "One toke over the line Sweet Jesus, one toke over the line..." You seem to have the 'vinyl habit' real bad, Sk1Bum! Did they give you the 1st one for free? ? Interesting that those prices are pretty much close to the max I'd pay for these remastered classics, Sk1. Guess they've done their marketing homework (as any good pusher would!). J/k....Enjoy! Might try one the SRV's....
  5. Just for the record re above posts, I was not including nor implying that Hendrix was in the "over the top" guitar playing group. Perhaps Eddie VanHalen's "style" is more what I was referring to.. Jimmy was always smooth and totally in control and played soulfully and not just "uber fast" simply for the sake of fast... Whatever
  6. No offense, but I always found here 'over the top' voice and mannerisms to be a bit of an act and/or too much of an expression of a near mental illness. That's not my cup of musical tea. If she couldn't stand the heat, perhaps she needed to leave the kitchen and get some help for her booze and drug problems. As in "over the top" guitar playing, I've never seen the point of over the top physical performances. Phony as in reality looking for love from or to musicians is not real nor healthy. As said before, I love music but don't really give a rat's ass for musicians (any more than one would have for any artist be it actor, painter, whatever). Their gifts (which they are well rewarded for..) are the art that they can create and not really about themselves...IMHO! Janice made it way too much about herself and her oh so hard life...she perhaps needed to see some of the real hard life's that exist in the world with children who daily die from starvation and NOKO citizens beaten and worked and starved to death. Apologies to Joplin fans; may she RIP!
  7. Welcome back, RTM! Were the 'health concerns' perhaps OCCD related? You seemed to have had a case of THAT disease in any case!
  8. Ditto^! Welcome, Stan. I always knew Jethro Tull had great equipment, now I know 'the rest of the story' or at least more of it! Thanks!
  9. Epitomizes the power of Country Music!
  10. Dadvw wrote "What I have learned is that we can respect each others opinions and all enjoy the music, however we like to enjoy it, and learn things from each other that makes our lives and systems better.........grin Agree! As others stated, I too am happy that the posts here stimulated constructive debate and discussion and nothing else.. We are all "blessed" to have the internet and internet forums in our day that (speaking for myself) without them I NEVER would have had the audio system I have and thus would have missed out on a whole world of musical pleasure that my "pre-forums" system just could not have ever delivered...and the sad thing is that I'd never have even been aware of what I was missing! Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the internet! Then not to beat this horse, but another way to 'splain my original point (with all the caveats discussed here..) might be mathematically (I know...shudders all around...). But thinking about it this way, it might be a classic optimization 'problem' with the two endpoints of 'maximum listening time with the 1st relatively 'crappy' system you owned' vs. 'minimum listening time with a 100% perfectly tweaked system that we spend most all of our time on obtaining'. I'll leave it as an 'exercise for all us students' to do the "variation of this integral and find its maximum" (lol) and find that happy medium mid point between these two extremes that maximizes one's own personal goal of 'maximum musical listening pleasure'
  11. Agree with all you said, Jim. Point of my post was not to begrudge anyone who enjoys "tweaking"; something that everyone does to get to where they want to be audio-wise. Was simply presenting a viewpoint (the point of forums...) that anything can be over done and it's easy to forget the main reason for doing tweaks in the 1st place, and remind that we all only have a limited time to 'enjoy the music', so if that's your objective (enjoying music - granted that does not have to be the only point of this "hobby" - which I don't see as a hobby, but that's beside the point..), then you have to acknowledge that perpetual "tweaking" may improve the QUALITY of your listening (a good thing), but also necessarily takes time away from actual listening TIME (a bad thing if again, that's your motive for having a system). As to the "swinging dick" reference, it would be the height of naivety to deny that that is not a very large part of this "hobby" for most everyone involved. The parallels to hot rod hobbyists and other competitive hobbies to the "audiophile world" are very much apparent. Bragging about/pointing out/admiring the number of, power output (amps) or handling capability (speakers) is rampant throughout this "hobby" even though you can only listen to one system at a time, and output wattage of an amp is not at all the most important factor re its 'musicality'. All these things are directly relatable to the "swinging dicks" in (e.g.) the muscle car world where HP (watts) and the size of ones classic car collection (how many amps owned) are front and center what is important to that hobby and one's "standing" in it - see "Jay Leno"). Again, no problem with this; just pointing it out and how "tweaking" and component collecting can become counter-productive when over done IF your goal is actually listening to and enjoying MUSIC, and not to die with the most and biggest and baddest musical "toys" (and again, that's ok if that's what floats your boat!). Just be honest enough to admit that it's PART of the reason why we all "lust" after bigger and badder amps, etc., etc. Party on!
  12. These days I'm happy to just listen to my tunes on the system(s) I "wasted" a bunch of my middle age fine tuning and perfecting within the bounds of what I deemed enough budget and "swinging dick" wise (just like horses that no one can ride and cowpokes that can never be thrown, there will always be someone who comes up with/acquires a bigger badder amp/speaker/IC/DAC/TT and claims it to be "essential" to your enjoyment of MUSIC). Which is of course high grade BS, and somewhat (that each must decide) a waste of one's valuable (and limited; it's always later than you think..) LISTENING time! Just sitting back (and/or half asleep which is a great and wondrous way to experience tunes!) and just enjoying the experience of all the great music available to us that has been crafted in the last ~400 years of humanity and NOT being distracted by wondering how one might tweak the sound or one's system is a very pleasant and "living in the moment" experience (to those overly consumed with "tweaking", I'd say try it; you might like it!). The fact that we are blessed with living in a time when we can have these great systems and have easy access to and the ability to choose from virtually all the music that's ever been composed and performed/recorded is an almost miracle that I believe we take for granted and should utilize perhaps a bit more than we do while we fret over the trees of the experience and miss the forest that is all around us (but alas for only a relatively SHORT time - my main point here).
  13. Good song....retired in 2014 after 40 years in Aerospace. Got lucky as the last company I worked for (Boeing) also bought up the other two companies that I spent the rest of most of my career with (Rockwell and MacDac) and they combined all of my ~39 years of service time with these three companies into one bigger pension than the three little ones would have added up to. Started a big home project on the 1st Monday of my retirement and I have not looked back nor thought much about old work since. Had some fun/interesting/challenging times but don't miss the work at all...
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