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  1. I'm picking up a set of  like new Bob Carver signed Platinum IV's from a friend of Ed Atkins. I'll be driving to North Carolina from Buffalo New York ,July 10th... 10 a half hour one way drive to pick them up.

    I also purchased a Carver PT -2400 as well to drive the platinum's.

    Hooked up the second 12 inch subwoofer and it rocks! It's all I need.

    I wonder how both Platinums  will sound butted up against my silver's. That should be one hell of a soundstage!

    1. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      Wow that’s def a journey lol

      sounds like your place is the place to go rock out at 


      glad you’re enjoying those subs. Subwoofers make everything better 


      also your A760x uses 3 lights per meter. Depending on led style depends on if they can be dropped in or specially wired 

    2. sea


      Looking forward to meeting you.

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