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  1. Thanks. This is the type of information I was looking for! Now I just need to clear off space on my workbench, and I can get started.
  2. Okay - I've opened up the TFM-15CB, and have diagnosed at least one problem with the amp. It is in dire need of recapping. The main caps are bulging, and I'm sure some or all of the smaller caps need replacement also. A few sellers on the bay have complete recap kits for around $35.00 for this amp. My question is: how difficult is it to recap a Carver amp? The recap kits come with complete instructions, and although I'm not an expert, I have decent soldering skills. I've recapped speaker crossovers in the past, but those boards are a lot more basic than the boards in the Carver. What do you all think? Also, if I decide to do this, will the caps from a kit like this be of decent quality? I don't want to spend the time recapping with lower-end capacitors. I've already got replacement LEDs for the meter lights, as I can't see pulling it apart and not doing that upgrade. I see that many people selling "modded" TFM-15 amps mention the LED upgrades, and also "painted needles". What do they mean by that?
  3. Thank you. I have been lurking on this site for over a year, and have been a Carver fan ever since I scored an MXR-150 at a yard sale ten years ago (guy wanted $40 for it - "powers up, but no sound". Brought it home and installed a pair of jumpers from the pre out to the main in, and voila - perfectly functioning receiver). It is in like-new condition, with the original wood end-pieces. I had it recapped about three years ago, and it tested out at 190 wpc at that time. Unfortunately, I passed on my vintage audio appreciation to my son, and I don't get to use that receiver any more. I bought the 6250 receiver to replace it, but it just doesn't have the oomph that the MXR has. That's why I bought the CT-3 and TFM-15CB. I could have just put my foot down and reclaimed the MXR, but I figured it was a good thing for my son to use it rather than the multi-channel junk that is out there now. He uses it with a pair of 1982 Polk Audio RTA-11t towers that we bought online for $50 and reconditioned.
  4. I have recently purchased separates to replace my Carver 6250 receiver. I bought a CT-3 preamp, and a matching TFM-15CB amplifier. After getting it home, I found that the amplifie has intermittent issues in the right channel (not the preamp, as I tested it using my Nikko Alpha 130 amp). I went looking for an amplifier to replace it with while it was out being serviced, as the shop I use takes two to five months due to how busy they are. I found a gentleman who has a complete Carver system for sale for a very reasonable price. The system consists of a pair of M-200t power amps, a C-2 preamp, and a TX-11 tuner. All in really clean condition, and demoed to be working perfectly. So my question for all you Carverphiles is: Which is a better system? I'm liking the idea of using the dual power amps in bridge mode, as I am driving a pair of vintage Polk Audio SDA speakers that are really power-hungry. The specs for the TFM-15CB show it to be a much cleaner amp than the M-200t amps. I have the option of purchasing a second TFM-15CB from my repair guy, and he would give me a really good trade for the M-200t amps, preamp, and tuner. Just an FYI - 90% of my listening is with a vintage Technics turntable, listening to classic rock, jazz and some classical. So, what would you do?
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