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  1. Some great images here. Here's one of mine....
  2. Kve777, I am still looking for a C-1 . Do you still have one? If you do I am interested.Thanks.
  3. Jazzman53 I have a Harman Kardon system I bought new in the early 80's. Next to it was the expensive Carver gear that I could not spring for. I thought the HK was awesome and still do. I have a complete HK system, Amp/ preamp [PM 650] the matching Cassette Deck, EQ and manual Tuner in the Champagne finish, looks new. I bought the matching CD player years later but it died and I through it in the dumpster at work cause it cost more to repair it then replace it back then [90's]. I Have a great Denon Cd player that is still going strong. I also have a pair of AR 48 speakers I bought at the same time [replaced the drivers a few times]. I still love the system and plan on using the AR's with the Carver stuff. I may feel the need to upgrade speakers down the road but so far I love them. Thanks
  4. PM sent to the members who contacted me about fixing me up with a serviced C-1. I am most interested in your reply. Please get back to me. I want to cancel a seller on Reverb who is getting back to me on Monday with a UPS shipping quote. His C-1 is over priced and not serviced. Hate to make the guy go out of his way for nothing. I want a serviced one. Thanks again. Don't know if the photo will load but here is a shot of my Carver M-500 recently serviced and purchased on ebay last month.
  5. Thanks again for all the input. I do appreciate it. To answer a few questions. First I really am not interested in picking up a preamp quick to test my M-500 with my Harman Kardon PM650 amp/preamp. I had it tested and it works fine [it was serviced by a good tech I got it from].He sent photo's of all the replaced parts and description of work done. Second, I have been researching Carver gear especially the M-500 & C-1 for 2 months now and have epretty much made my mind up on the C-1 purchase. I have been watching eBay / Reverb, and a couple audio store websites for C-1's for sale. Most on eBay are asking $299.00 plus $40.00 shipping. I have missed a few good one's hesitating to pull the trigger. None of the Carver C-1 on eBay have been serviced, that is why I upped my budget for a serviced preamp [ recapped, all components checked / replaced and cleaned and tested. I don't want to get one then ship it out to get it serviced, doesn't make sence with the high shipping cost. You never know what you will get online? So here I am, learning and making decisions. The BillD mod may have to wait? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. LonerT's C-1 is great but a little more than I can spend now. I'm not into the volume remote either. Has anyone shipped gear lately? Wow, Prices are insane. I just shipped a small Fender guitar amp, the large box [I pack very well] weighed 26 lbs and the UPS charge was $120.00. Fed Ex wanted $130.00. This is for ground shipping. I thought it was for overnight air. Can't imagine shipping something heavy ! My budget is about $500.00 max for a serviced [not the BillD] C-1 and the ebay C-1's are selling in the $300.00 price range. I hope I can find a good one with my budget? I'm itchin' to use my M-500. I can't connect it to my 80's Harman Kardom system, it has no preamp outs. Had to take it to a Hi-Fi store for a tech to test it when I first received it [got it on ebay] and wanted to make sure it worked. Dude connected it to the cheapest small realistic outdoor speakers over his bench and plugged his phone into it with 2 RCA jacks from the phones headphone jack! It worked but I couldn't hear any quality with that abomination. Be nice to hear it through my old AR's. Thanks everyone for a warm welcome. I hope I can contribute hear as well.
  7. Awe, the welcome mat....Thanks I have one in mind on line. Not serviced but in great cosmetic condition, says it works fine, but asking a lot, plus wants to get back to me on the shipping charge Monday. So the price is going up and may exceed my budget for a non serviced one? I am willing to pay more for a serviced C-1. Maybe even BillD if affordable?
  8. Hello all, I just joined to learn more about Carver. I just bought my 1st Carver amp [M-500]. Now I am looking to buy a nice, clean working C-1 preamp in Silver [my 1st choice] or anthracite. Freshly serviced preferred as I am not an electronics tech. Thank you in advance.
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