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  1. Thanks everyone for all the helpful info. Im Defiantly on board with re-capping these pieces. I think maybe focussing on that may be better, for the time being, at least to keeping these pieces alive longer. Ive been re-building power supply boards on some marantz recievers with my brother and we have been successful. We are getting ready to make a part list and order the components for the cube. It has the slightest bit of noise on the right channel, that can only be heard at no volume. I think ill just find a part list for that on this forum order some parts, and keep my eyes open for the rack mounts in the mean time. Thanks again everyone for the helpful info.
  2. Brian_at_HHH here are the pictures you requested.
  3. Im not sure my c-9 has been re built or not. I just know that it works and it works well. Send me a pm with your proposal.
  4. Hi compwaco. Thanks for the response. My journey.... ive always been interested in vinyl, my father bought a cd player new in 1986. Our technics turntable sat un used for 20 years while we listened to cd’s. In the mid 2000’s i finally took all dads vinyl, and bought a replacement stylus for the audio technica cartridge. That led to binge buying vinyl, and listening to them thru dads technics sl-d2 and kenwood kr-4070. Last year i stumbled across a carver m-400 cube, c-2 pre, tx-2 tuner and a dtl-200 mk2 cd player. Paid 100 bucks for the lot. Everything worked, but i had to put a new belt on the cd deck. I was amazed at how the carver setup stood out from anything I've ever heard before. I paired the carver gear with some klipsch speakers i inherited from a passed loved one, bought the c-9 on ebay, probably from a member of this group, and just this week bought the td-1200 cassette deck to complete my stack. Now i just sit and listen, with the sonic hologram generator enabled of course. I am now binge buying cd’s and cassettes. Hopefully someone will post these rack mounts.
  5. I would like to mount my setup into a rack. Im in search of the rack mount adapters for the c-2, the tx-2, and the c-9. Are these pieces rack mountable? If so where can i find these parts. Thanks in advance.
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