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  1. Has anyone ever made a black faceplate for the TX-11A? I have the black on my C-1 and M1.5t, was thinking of buying a buddies TX-11A and it would be cool to update that look as well. To be clear I still have the gray faceplates in excellent condition if I ever want to switch back some day. 

    1. AndrewJohn


      The source I would check is on Ebay..., there's a guy, Russ Kall, that makes faceplates for many Carver amps.  I don't know if he's got the TX-11a, but that's who I would reach out to with an Ebay message.  Report back here if he does have one...

    2. Sk1Bum


      You might look for a TX-11B. It comes with a black faceplate, but it is also about 2x the price of a TX-11a.

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