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  1. Awesome. I'll have to check it out. Thanks
  2. Here is a pic of my gear. https://postimg.cc/Lht0S1th
  3. Yes it is a series 1. Thanks
  4. I took it to a repair guy when I got it, because one channel was out. After fixing the modded volume pot on the front and tightening the inputs on the back the thing sounds great. The repair guy looked at the meters and said it looks like they need to be replaced. I replace lights in gear and fix belts on cassette decks and cd players. Other than that I'm not competent on advanced repairs. What steps need to be taken to troubleshoot and fix the meters? Thanks
  5. I have a fully functioning PL400, that has meters that don't move. The lights on the meters work but the needles don't budge. Looking for a pair of functioning meters to replace the broken meters. Thanks
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