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  1. I like Mark's choice. My dad bought that Kingston Trio album when he was in University. My folks haven't had a turntable for, oh, about 35 years but I have the records and that Kingston Trio record is one of my favourites.
  2. Three sets of giant speakers, a Marshall stack, and a 20 foot python..... ......Any neighbors left Steve?
  3. Ladies and Gentleman......... SteveFord. Hey Steve, I would like to see some close up and sloped pictures of your Sonic Frontiers and deHavilland preamps..
  4. Open the CarverSite! bay doors please HAL.
  5. Welcome TJ. The C1 preamp is relatively easy to work on IMHO. I think that you would be fine starting with that rather than trying to recap an amplifier. The C1 solder pads are kind of delicate so you have to be careful with iron temperature and duration. Find some old junk PCB to practice on first.
  6. Welcome gkml. I'm glad you followed the link that i sent to you on CAM.
  7. Welcome corkdust. Good to see another 895 owner.
  8. Nicely organized. Less dust. Doesn't that tube amp need more vertical space?
  9. So, your job involves watching cars blow up??
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