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  1. Happy Birthday Greg.
  2. Slotted rotors. 🤠
  3. Happy Birthday Andrew. Have a good one.
  4. Did you put the pre-out /main-in jumpers back in for the front L and R channels?
  5. There is no factory reset on that receiver. What problem are you having?
  6. My Sunfire Ultimate Receiver is quite sensitive to any DC on the main line. DC from appliances such as my humidifier. Even a few millivolts causes the Sunfire transformer to buzz.
  7. Welcome. I would think Nelion Audio could also work on your Luxman amp. Ask him. What speakers do you have?
  8. Looks like the amp under the C-1 (M1.0t or M1.5?) has a tremolo bar.
  9. Just posting this so that I don't have to see longtimecarver freak's face staring at me every time I log in.
  10. 10 years goes by fast. Bill played an integral part in building the Carver site in the early days. I miss those days.
  11. At first I was jealous of the space behind the cabinet......so much room to get in there and plug stuff in. Then I noticed the tracks on the carpet clearly showing that the cabinet had been pushed back closer to the wall by a bulldozer.
  12. Very nice Joe. It looks like you have a lot of toe-in on those speakers, or is that just picture perspective.
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