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  1. 10 years goes by fast. Bill played an integral part in building the Carver site in the early days. I miss those days.
  2. At first I was jealous of the space behind the cabinet......so much room to get in there and plug stuff in. Then I noticed the tracks on the carpet clearly showing that the cabinet had been pushed back closer to the wall by a bulldozer.
  3. Very nice Joe. It looks like you have a lot of toe-in on those speakers, or is that just picture perspective.
  4. Upside down pictures or it didn't happen.
  5. Balok

    Get Back

    I watched the whole thing twice. Damn, I think I missed the John Lennon pocket incident again. I was concerned that Disney (TM) would realize that they weren't making anywhere near enough profit off of the Get Back special and pull it in favor of a pay-per-view.
  6. That picture of Kermit is being used out of context. That's him checking out hookers in El Segundo.
  7. How about a picture of your K-Tel record selector?
  8. And the ELF sitting beside Santa has a sexual harassment lawsuit pending......
  9. Happy Birthday Greg. Celebrate by watching all three parts of The Beatles Get Back. You know i would.....
  10. Balok

    Get Back

    Watched part 3 last night. Very good except for some reason Peter Jackson thought we wanted to see Linda's daughter fooling around the studio and mostly just getting in the way for a full 20 minutes at the beginning. A few shots would have been sufficient. The rooftop performance was excellent for sound and pic quality. When it came right down to it, the boys played and sang wonderfully. I liked how the Apple front end staff delayed the 14 year old looking London bobby from gaining access to the roof too soon.
  11. Balok

    Get Back

    Yes it was a pretty ambitious project to take on. They would have completely fallen apart if they hadn't of had Yoko's binding force there all of the time. She was the glue holding the whole thing together.
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