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  1. Please tell Barry that I am thinking of him.
  2. I wonder if the C-1000 is really a true Carver product or if it was a modified unit based on an existing or partnered design. The reason I say this is because the front and back panel layout of the C-1000 are very similar to the Rotel RSX - 965 DD/DTS receiver (75 watts/channel) that came out around the same time. Google some pictures of that Rotel receiver and you will see what i mean.
  3. The C-1000 has only composite and S-video so it is useless for video switching. (not all that important to me or many others). I owned a used C-1000 in 2004 and it spent 6 months in the repair shop. It was horribly problematic. The sound was nothing special. Granted it could have been a bad unit all around. It has pre-outs for all channels but you can't use it as a 5 channel amp on its own. They look great but frankly if something goes wrong with it I think it will be very difficult to get it repaired. There are simpler and better options. My 5 cents. (we don't have pennies anymore in this country so minimum is a nickel)
  4. It's pretty difficult to repair an amplifier without any electronics knowledge. If it's blowing fuses there could be some major faults that you can't find just by looking at it. I'd say take it to a repair shop if you want it working.
  5. Happy Birthday James . Are you working on any vacuum tube amps these days?
  6. Hi Barry. Good to hear from you. Take care man.
  7. Happy Birthday Barry.
  8. I guess those threads are in general discussion NOT audio discussion. My mistake. Disregard that post.
  9. There is no reason why those threads can't continue. But it would be nice if they didn't occupy most of the 10 active discussion topics day after day. Many audio threads get pushed off of the active discussion list within hours and disappear into oblivion and 90 percent of the members never get a chance to see it.
  10. Kevin's birthday. A three day celebration.!!
  11. I really appreciate your Sunfire repair threads wrf, as there is very little information on those units. I am glad we are having this conversation. The tech vs non tech content has been a major schism on the site for the past several years. Now we are getting some reasons behind the shift in the site.
  12. I think it would be wrong to ignore all newbie tech questions just because they may blow themselves up. I have visited other sites and I notice that they have disclaimers regarding working on high voltage equipment every time I access a vacuum tube related thread. Maybe we need something like that? I have developed a real interest in DIY audio, especially vacuum tube stuff (God help me). Many of the skills I have I learned here. I started very simply, by replacing a transistor in my HR895. Now i've grown to build some pretty mediocre sounding DIY vacuum tube gear...ha ha. But I had to start somewhere.
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