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  1. OK, I want to change my answer........
  2. Historically I have very rarely read books. Maybe because i had to read so much in school or maybe because i am not a fast reader and it takes me months to read a book. But, about a year ago i bought a Raymond Chandler "Philip Marlowe" novel and really enjoyed it....then I bought two more.....now i am half way through George Orwell's "1984". All of this reading is wrecking my eyes...the reading glasses i got last year are clearly (pun) too weak now.
  3. Nope. But it does have a powerhouse Chevy 305, bullet proof 200 4R, and that off-the-line thrust that you can only get from a 2.73 rear end with 14" wheels.
  4. People who drink 2% milk?
  5. Happy Birthday Rich.
  6. "to some extent, in some circumstances, the answer could be ‘yes’" Wow, talk about a non-committal statement. I am sure if you look up "Nebulous" in the dictionary, that statement will be the definition. I am going to use that in the future when I definitely mean "NO"..... example: Random Person: Hey Balok, I need to carry a concert grand piano up 20 flights of stairs. Can you help me? Balok: to some extent, in some circumstances, the answer could be ‘yes’
  7. Won't they be surprised when they open it up to find 20,000 gallons of chicken feathers.
  8. @RodH Is the perimeter of your watch a built-in slide rule?
  9. @Will Meyer From The Band : Life is a Carnival Life is a carnival It's in the book Life is a carnival Take another look Hey, buddy, would you like to buy a watch real cheap? Here on the street I got six on each arm And two more 'round my feet Life is a carnival Believe it or not Life is a carnival Two bits a shot
  10. Ok, if I win, it goes to me. 52. Thanks for the karma Jeff.
  11. Is the black kiddie pool included?
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