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  1. Oh ya. Sorry Papajoe i forgot you can't remove the bottom. If you look at the schematic, you can probably find whatever component comes in front of the relay and probe that along with the speaker terminal to check continuity. I'd say it is better to try to solve the problem first and then you can do a "rebuild" after if you want.
  2. I think you would need to confirm that there is continuity through the relay to really know if it is working or not. It may look like it is closing but you don't know if it is making a clean contact. Find a spot on the trace before and after the relay for the right channel. Power the unit up with nothing connected and once you hear the relay click you can check for continuity on the right channel with your multimeter. I always connect the amp to a dim bulb tester when doing stuff like this just in case the probe moves due to unsteady hands and causes a short.
  3. Did you hear the news in Toronto last night? 14 people came down with code 19.
  4. On the left is Howlin wolf and beside him is Willie Dixon. The guy in the sunglasses to the right side is lightnin' Hopkins. In the middle I think is Sony Boy Williamson. Others?
  5. It's completely clogged with black sludge....
  6. Love the polka dot carpet. Speakers nice too.
  7. Don't press on the brake with the drum off or you will shoot things across the yard.
  8. The only thing tougher than a buzzard is an old one.
  9. Every year he gets just a little wilder...
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