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  1. Welcome gkml. I'm glad you followed the link that i sent to you on CAM.
  2. Welcome corkdust. Good to see another 895 owner.
  3. Nicely organized. Less dust. Doesn't that tube amp need more vertical space?
  4. So, your job involves watching cars blow up??
  5. Looking on the bright side, it is a nice spot to build something new.
  6. Balok

    Favorite Pictures

    You're right. I was just trying to appear more human. I took my training in an early 80s Fesarius that we called the F-ship. Here is a pic of me on my first day going solo. You will notice that i had more hair when i was younger and ....yes....the F-ship had wood panels.....
  7. Balok

    Favorite Pictures

    I took my driver training course in a K-car.
  8. Clue # 2 if there is anyone out there who wants to play
  9. Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks. I would encourage someone new to post one. We need more people involved in this game.
  10. So sorry to hear this Greg. We had a fire in the old farmhouse in 1988. Didn't burn down but left it unlivable. Still makes me sad. I am sorry you lost all of your junk, especially those two Rembrandts, ....that one Van Gogh, ....and then there was that mint 1963 Studebaker Avanti......
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