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  1. I have a set of Silvers that I recapped about 3 years ago. I went with Metalized polypropylene caps (Solens). Cost at the time was about $300. The issue is for the values required in film caps, they end up being too large to fit under the back cover. I ended up installing saddles on the base board and running leads up to the crossover. Here are some pics, including one of the crossover before recap.
  2. I liked them. Also BMG. I used to get their CD of the month; it broadened my exposure to different bands. I even did he reel to reel format.
  3. My thoughts... On a tube amp, they make some sense, but the other Carver amps (maybe with the exception of the M-400), they are often stacked. I have an M-1.0t, M-0.5t, M-500t, and several of the TFMs; I can see any application from my perspective. I couldn't use them even if I wanted as the amps are always stacked. Does anone stack an M-400? There may be an application there.
  4. I have a couple of these. I replaced the bulb with an led unit, it uses the same type as the M500 power amp. It does need to be soldered in place. Here is an eBay link to the type of led bulb you can use. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114348258893
  5. Welcome George! I'm a fan of the TFM-6 amps, I have 3. I'm using one of them in a stack with an Adcom preamp in my bedroom system. The amp is simple and bullet proof. There are 2 versions, the TFM-6c and the TFM-6cb. The only difference between the c and cb if the ability of the cb to run it in bridged mode as a single 200 watt mono amp. The removable rack ears allow it to stack well with orher 17 inch gear (such as my Adcom GTP-450). Fitting the rack ears allows it to blend in with other Carver amps such as the TFM-25 or -35. Welcome aboard and enjoy the music!
  6. I really like the idea of an updated C-9 with Gundry filter. My 2 cents, i'm not crazy about tubes sticking out of the top (although I could live with it). Items projecting from the top limit the user to placing them on top of the stack; like a turntable, reel to reel or top loading cassette. Mind you, it wouldn't be all that bad, as you could place it on the top of a mini-stack on a middle shelf. I'm definately interested in the V-12 when its released. I'd also buy a new SH processor.
  7. I definately don't want to hijack the direction of this thread, but i'm unfamiliar with the VACCUM TUBE REFERENCE preamp. I'll start another thread but I'd like to find out more about it. Thx!
  8. Welcome! I'm an amateur hobbist and greatly appriciate the opinions and expertise from technicians that post on this site. I've been partcipating on this site for about 2 years. I really like the people and the learning opportunities provided on this site. Always entertaining and educational. By the way, another gentleman from Italy posts here, @Casaletti. He's posted some great information on upgrading the C-16 preamp. I really like reading his posts. Welcome aboard!
  9. Welcome to the site. I live nearby in Marysville
  10. I use an Adcom ACE-515 to control this. It powers on Amps last, and powers the amps off first. I found out about this device from postings on this site. I read a recent post from @kve777 that on the C-19 you need to turn off the speakers when you change the gain. IIRC its a common issue with this preamp.
  11. Welcome Greg, I'm a big Carver fan too. I've had much of my equipment rebuilt and am impressed with the sound clarity. I'm also in WA, specifically Marysville, WA. Enjoy!
  12. Welcome to the site! I used to live in Middletown, DE. I moved from there to WA state in 2014. There is alot of good info on the site and the techs are very knowledgeable. I've learned alot in the 1.5 years I've been following the site. Glad you joined us.
  13. Just to clarify... the C-11 is a slightly newer version of the C-1. The C-1 has a gray faceplace (anthracite), while the C-11 is black. The C-11 has a precog board in it (its not very usefull) and slightly different buttons. The BillD mod is the same between either of these amps since they are essentially the same. The C-11 is more of a rare bird, you'll see 10 C-1's for every C-11. Used the C-11 commands maybe $100 more on the market.
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