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  1. I thought this was posting about cheap wine... https://www.modbee.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/biz-beat/article222911840.html
  2. Mensa is a 2% club.
  3. Charlie, The web cams arrived today. Thank you again for the Karma. - Will
  4. Its worth visiting the site just for the pictures.
  5. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/bnc/ele/d/burnaby-carver-400-the-cube-amp/7155932998.html $200 Canadian - about $150 USD. Not a bad price for an M400 I think.
  6. Welcome. There are a few of us in WA state. I hail from Marysville. Kick back and stay awhile, I'm sure you'll enjoy the company. Its a great bunch of people that hang out here.
  7. Awesome! Charlie - Thanks for the Karma. Send you a PM.
  8. I'm in with 90. Thanks Charlie. Another great karma.
  9. Congratulations Bill - awesome watch! Rod - Great Karma!
  10. I have an MD/A-420 that is for all appearances in very nice shape; however, the bearing surface on the drive side of the lead screw that drives the laser is worn. I'm looking for a replacement (eithe the subassembly or donor unit) if I can find one and its reasonable. If I'm unable to find a replacement, I shall try to build up the bearing surface and see if I can get it into serviceable condition so I can use it. I'm open to cash or trades.
  11. Moon Phase. Very cool. I'm in whichever time piece. Its not a hobby... Its an obsession.
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