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  1. R.I.P. Barry. Melissa - Sorry for your loss. We will miss him too. Please reach out if you need anything.
  2. If you need any help or support, I live in Marysville, WA; less than 15 miles out of Snohomish.
  3. Left side, top down. Teac X-10 TX-12 C-16 DLP-20 (used occasionally for remote volume and pretty lights) TD-1440 SD/A-490t TL-3600 TFM-35 TFM-35 TFM-45 Right side HK T-55c turntable Yamaha EQ-550 Yamaha DVD-C740 Schiit Modi DAC Maverick Audio DAC (needs repair) Yaqin Tube Buffer 2 Adcom ACE-515 Speakers Vienna Acoustics Webern JBL LX-55 Magnepan MG-12qr Monitor Audio Vector sub
  4. First a shout out to @weitrhino- he sold me the final piece I needed for my system. A perfectly functioning TD-1440. I swapped LEDs to cool white to match my system. System is done, now as soon as the weather warms up I'll finish the rack. Here are some pics. A lot of people contributed to this stack, either thru service updates or equipment sale. Thanks to: @weitrhino, @allflehisequalwhenburnt, @Zenith4me, @captainmike, @Charlie, @jeffs, @Nahash5150 and @sea As you can see, I have a round meter theme here... Most every night I kick back, have a nightcap, and chill out with this system. I appriciate everyone's help and contribution to this build.
  5. Happy birthday! btw… The TFM-42 and -35 you sold me are running strong. I’m very pleased with them. My Carver Silvers are running strong; however, if they start acting up, I know who to reach out to. THANKS!
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