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  1. Will Meyer


    Here is the TFM-25 Service Bulletin. I didn't see a copy specifically for the -22 or -24, but as I said, they are the same amp except for the display. I pulled this out of the -25 Service Manual available on this site. Service Bulletin TFM-25.pdf
  2. Will Meyer


    I saw that. I thought it was a fair price. The specs for the TFM-2x series are: 225 watts into 8 ohms 350 watts into 4 ohms 350 watts bridged mono. Input impedance of the amp is 115k ohms I should add that while it is a great amp, there is a service bulletin on them to upgrade to flame proof resistor and mounting them a half inxh above rhe circuit board. I'll dig out that bulletin and attach it to the posting.
  3. Will Meyer


    The TFM-22 is the same amp as the TFM-24 and -25. Excellent unit. The difference are only in the display. The -25 has the meters. The -24 has led bars that function like the meters. The -22 has clipping lights only like the TFM-6c and -6cb. Its a fine amplifer. While I don't have a -22, I have both a -24 and -25.
  4. @stang man It been about 2 months since you posted. What do you have left for sale? Thx
  5. I received a TD-1700 service manual that I ordered from eBay. Its a photocopy and not in the greatest shape, but I needed it to get my cassette squared way. I'll scan it and send it to Dennis since we don't have one on file. I'll continue to look for a better copy.
  6. Tony, I hope its what you needed. Will
  7. I had an M0.5t for a while. I thought it was a real nice amp, but sold it to get a more powerful amp. If I remember correctly it cannot be bridged. It is rated at 140 watts @ 8 ohms, and 220 watts @ 4 ohms.
  8. The middle unit is a Carver DPL-33. Its an early Dolby Pro Logic processor. Typically goes for about $75 to $100 on that major on-line auction site. I have one, largely I use it attached to the C-1 as an external processor and use it for the volume remote control. Btw... it does have a small power amp built in - maybe 25 or 40 watts. Its intended to drive a center channel and surround sound speakers.
  9. I hope you like it. I shipped it today - expect it to arrive on Wednesday. I'll PM you with the tracking number.
  10. Today the service manuals arrived for the CM-1065 and the CMV-1185. I'll mail the originals to Dennis on Monday. They're both in real nice shape with B size schematics. I have a TD-1700 Service Manual on order. I'll get a copy of that to the site when it comes in.
  11. The faceplate goes to John Wick aka @Daddyjt PM me with the mailing address and I'll get it sent out first thing Monday.
  12. Charlie - Great Karma (truly awesome)! AJ - Congratulations!
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