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  1. Thanks! Not as good as a Service Manual but better than naught. Attached is a copy for the library. C15V.pdf
  2. Another ghost product is CT-15v listed in preamp tuners. There is a C-15v (I have one) but no CT. BTW… I found a C-15v OM two years ago. I would pay good money if I could find a SM.
  3. I regularly look for on eBay for manuals not in the Carver database, specifically to donate them to the site. Over the past year, finding manuals has been problematic - the only things I've seen listed are manuals already uploaded in the Carver Site database. I find it odd, that something that should be available (like a TX-10 Owners Manual) never comes up - Carver sold a boatload of those tuners. The attached Excel sheet is what I use to track the manuals we don't have available. Some items listed in the Database are (I suspect), in error or never released. Case in point, I've never seen a TX-14 Tuner anywhere. I left them on the list just in case I come across one. If anyone has a copy of the manuals we are missing, please consider donating an e-copy. If you see one listed on eBay of other sites, please let me know and I'd be pleased to purchase it for donation to The Carver Site (assuming the price is half-way reasonable). My personal thought since I started this quest several year ago, is that it is going to be harder each year to find these manuals. It would be in everyone's interest to collect what we can, when we can. BTW... If you notice anything incorrect on my list, please advise. CarverManuals needed.xlsx
  4. Thank you. 6 more days and I'm heading back to the states. I'm really looking forward to it.
  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you're enjoying the new house!
  6. I definately don't want to hijack the direction of this thread, but i'm unfamiliar with the VACCUM TUBE REFERENCE preamp. I'll start another thread but I'd like to find out more about it. Thx!
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