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  1. Congratulations! The CT-7 is a fine receiver - I'd have bought it myself (or BarryG's CT-3 - another fine unit), if I had room for another system.
  2. Charlie - Great Karma! Jeff - Congrats!
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carver-CT-7-Seven-Preamp-Preamplifier-FM-tuner-Remote-Excellent-Japan/133554647505?epid=110952830&hash=item1f187a31d1:g:EhQAAOSwzrtfkeCS Nice looking CT-7 wiith remote. ...and its a black unit. $250. Good price...I sold mine in February for $275.
  4. Looking for a working CT-6. I really want a low profile unit, so may also consider a C-5, but CT-6 is prefered.
  5. Interesting. I have 2 Osborne 01’s and an Executive. Original manuals and 5.25 disks including Wordstar, Supercalc and MBasic. I keep hoping for CP/M to make a comeback but I think those days are past. My stuff is 30 years newer, but when you fire it up you realize how far we’ve come.
  6. I bought it used and it had been taken apart and incorrectly assembled. I reassembled it correctly and found that when then previous owner assembled it, he tie-wrapped the wires too tight and it was binding the mechanism. no magic or skill on my part here. I just cut-off the wire tie and fastened it with a new one allowing for the appropriate slack. Works great now. BTW... the nylon wire ties, in the aviation industry they’re often called Panduits. I think it’s a brand name like Kleenex. Have you ever heard that term term used (kind of a trivia question)?
  7. Fyi... A replacement laser drive is no longer needed. I was able to repair the existing unit. Can these old entries be deleted or annotated?
  8. BTW... If you are looking for a combined preamp/tuner, the CT-3 is also worth considering (although I personally prefer the CT-7).
  9. CT-7 is a wonderful preamp. I'll keep my eyes open for one. I assume since you are mating this with a TFM-45, you'd prefer it in the black finish.
  10. Nice. I had a CT-7 and loved it, but sold it and bought a C-16, which I'm now having it refreshed at Nelion. I'm a big fan of JBLs and also have a set of L100t's as well as LX-55s and LX-44s, but the L100t's are my flagship speaker - I recently upgraded the crossover to T3 standards. I've never owned a TL-3100, but I've heard good things about them. As far as old gear goes, the electronics seem to hold up pretty well. The mechanical devices seem more problematic as the plastic components age, get brittle, and break. My amps I've not had any issues wit
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