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  1. Found on on eBay. Please consider this posting closed. Although I am still looking for a C-16 - but that is in a seperate posting.
  2. Very happy to hear this. Everyday I want to ask for an update, but don't want to bother you when your dealing with this tragedy. Please know my thoughts are with you and your family and my best wishes for Charles Jr. and his full recovery.
  3. Charlie - Great Karma! itch - Congraulations!
  4. I am so glad to hear this. I wish Charles Jr the best.
  5. Awesome Karma! I'm with 96
  6. Beautiful pup. I had a Husky/Terrier mix. Mid-size dog (about 60 lbs). She was a very smart dog and loved attention.
  7. My thoughts and prayers for you and your son.
  8. ...deliver power over greater distances and to moving objects, such as golfers
  9. I'd love to hear those DQ-20s. John Dahlquist is a genius in crossover design and was ahead of him time. I have a set of DQ-12s that I did a full restore (foams, upgraded Regnar caps, repaint, and regrill). While I'm very pleased with my 12s and will never sell them, I would love to pickup a set of 10s or 20s someday.
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