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  1. I'm in I’ll select 32. It feels lucky.
  2. Please let me know if the C1 is still available. Shipping would be to Marysville, WA (Seattle area) . I will follow this with a direct emai. Thx, Will
  3. The Carver site has been a great resource for me. Between the available documentation, lesson learned from the various forums, and technical advice, I've been able to learn quite a bit and leverage it into my hobbies. As payback, I'd like to help update the library. I've been looking for manuals that aren't in the library. When I find them, I'll scan them and send them in. The previous week, I sent owners manuals for the TD-1200 and MD/A-420 to Greg. I just ordered a service manual for the MD/A-420, when it arrives I shall scan it and send it in also. My thoughts are as time goes by, this documentation is going to be harder to locate. Gathering it together now will help preserve it for the Carver community. I know the manual site has not yet been converted and made operational yet. If it possible to get a list of either what's needed, or what's in the database would help me target my search (I'm somewhat of an eBay-aholic)? If a list is not available, I can wait until the site is up and if I find something in the nearterm that that I think might not be in the library, I can always check in with site administration.
  4. I'm looking for a Carver C-15v preamp. I have one with good cosmetics, but in inoperable, so condition isn't critical as long as its fully functional. I'm also seeking a service manual but I'm starting to doubt they ever existed - I can't find one anywhere.
  5. I'm interested in one of the TFM-45s. I'm ok with the unit that needs the thump fix. I'm also not sure of what a reasonable price would be for the unit. Based on the feedback you've received so far, do you have a target price established?
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