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  1. BillD

    Halloween Music

    Anyone have favorites to scare the little kiddies that come trick-or-treating? Of course, the classic is Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, a great piece of music, and it deserves to be heard. It's become associated with Halloween as the ultimate example of spooky music mostly because it was used in all those old movies that featured mad organists playing their subterranean instruments beneath old opera buildings in the middle of the night. Another great album I play on Halloween is Witches Brew with Alexander Gibson conducting the New Symphony Orchestra of London.
  2. Over in the Dark Tower, there has been some discussion about how computers were not fit to rip CDs. If you still go over there, you might want to read the thread, and the beginnings of this thread too, especially the excellent article by Robert Harley. Anyway, the discussions over there prompted me to post what has become known to some over there as "The Post"
  3. Only guy I know with an indoor lumber yard.
  4. BillD


    I'm not sure I'd call it bravery
  5. Featured in a Thomasville catalog!
  6. Welcome, Bob. I know your posts will be of great interest to all of us here. Many followed the building of the CarverFest amps.
  7. He's kind of an unusual guy, I understand, but he knows his stuff.
  8. Aha. So that's why people say their stereo is "garaged".
  9. Do any of you guys put cars in your garages?
  10. Well, all amps (not just tubes) can be kept going. It's just that tubes with their point-to-point wiring are less prone to damage (like trace damage on a circuit board) and able to be adapted to new parts (circuit boards are cast in stone, so to speak). Still, I have been able to find suitable substitutes that were superior in all respects to the originals in fixing solid state gear without much trouble. Now, if someone would make a decent RC4136 pin-for-pin replacement!
  11. My point is that bad music can be produced on any medium.
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