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  1. Couldn't agree more Ken. Barry Galvin is a gentle giant of a man. A good soul. Barry is one of the only people you will ever know who has died twice. Special guy. Thankful to know BG..
  2. Thanks for the notes. Some were there many years without notice. We are making the updates.
  3. This is just awesome guys. Customers call the factory looking for this type of info.. The Carver Site is the go-to resource for helping people find info on vintage products. Warm thanks to the management and members past and present. Thanks Bob, Will, Wayne, RichP, Nahash, DennisMiller and everyone who has contributed to this beautiful resource over many years. It helps a lot of people keep their vintage Carver designs running, so they can continue to enjoy the music.
  4. Bobs new site and 'Carver Direct' on-line store is open and running. Processing of purchases and payments are working well. Generally shipping w/n 2 hours on in stock items. https://www.bobcarvercorp.com
  5. Great questions. Maybe one of the site historian types has found such info? Bob was bought out by the Carver Corp board of directors a few years before their plans, that Bob objected to, failed. I'll ask Bob if he remembers the serial number format. It could be 2700 units apart. At peak production Carver Corp produced 5000 units per mo.
  6. One of Bob's philosophies and one of the reasons he has been successful when he has chosen to build lighter weight, lower cost, high headroom designs, for driving dynamic loudspeaker loads, in tube amps or solid state, is higher voltage. A Mcintosh or Dynaco B+ is about 450 volts. A Bob Carver Black Magic 25 or 275 runs at 685 volts, an increase of more than 50%. One key to a powerful, musical and accurate performance is voltage. In Bobs words about the Black Magics, "they make nice wide voltage swings with lots of headroom."
  7. Hi Simply, I believe you found the best thrift shop deal in history. Wow what a find! M500T and C1 are among the favorites. Both the C1 and the M500T are in need of electrolytic capacitor service. The performance improvement will be very obvious. Leaking caps is more about leaking electrically, than physically leaking electrolyte. They look ok, but they are not. Go that far for sure. The MKII can be done DIY.. Its not a simple mod. It involves changing all of the output devices and a considerable amount of work beyond a restoration. Nelion Audio does the MKII routinely. Consider the cost of the parts list alone, vs the cost of Nelion doing the mod complete. Its been a few years since I did a MKII and the site was updated. There is some info here. Maybe one of the guys who has done one lately can point you to the documentation. Welcome to TCS. Jim
  8. Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing your experiences. You certainly have a lot of fun with audio. I had a similar experience starting the tube addiction with the Dynaco's. Bob Carver and Dynacos David Hafler, were friends and liked talking transformers. You have a great attitude considering the many meat suit challenges you face. I hope you find The Carver Site to be an exceptional site that you enjoy. I believe you will find this site warm and friendly, much like Bob Carver himself. It is humbling that you choose to join us. Enjoy the ride here at TCS, I hope we can be a positive musical experience for you. Jim Clark
  9. Well said AJ. Thanks. Barry Galvin is a good soul. He needs a group hug for sure.
  10. Must be Thanksgiving Texas BBQ..
  11. Hi Tom, Welcome to TCS. Its a friendly bunch of folks to be around. Much like Bob himself. Not your average website! Enjoy!
  12. Hello Duncan, Welcome to the Carversite, Sir. Its a nice warm place when its cold outside. Enjoy!
  13. Happy Birthday Bruce! Hope you are doing well. Very fond memories of listening to your Carver gear together down in Louisiana. Happy birthday brother.🎂
  14. 1980s DDD recordings from DMP (Digital Music Products) have stood the test of time very well. Producer Tom Jung. This disc is said to be recorded "direct to a 2 track digital recorder." No overdubs. The analog purist may be surprised how good this label sounds, having never been analog at any point in the process. DMP in DDD. Mostly a jazz label. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARS_code
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