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  1. Prayers to Wayne and his friends and family.. Wishing Wayne a peaceful passing from here as starts his next journey. Wayne, an example of a great soul who will surly be promoted.. This isn't the end for Wayne, no way.. Enjoy the ride brother!
  2. In Asia and Europe E-bikes are much more common than in the US at this time, although they are becoming more common all the time. As many of you know I operate Jim Clark Stereo - A Bob Carver Showcase Location.. We are the sales leader for Bob Carver vacuum tube amplifiers in the USA and this is just the beginning for us.. Audio sales are somewhat seasonal, keeping me busy in the winter but over the summer I needed a project that is seasonal but opposite seasons to audio. Somehow these electric bicycles caught my eye.. Many companies make them and conversion kits are also available for existing bicycles. Guys around these sites tend to be good with their hands and many would enjoy this project.. Firing up a fresh conversion and programing the controller before the first ride, is much like testing an amp before listening to it.. That "its alive" Frankenstein moment is addictive like audio. I built 2. Both of these are currently available department store bikes you can order online.. I choose these because of the durable construction and having more the 4.5 stars with huge numbers of review.. They are sold in high volumes, so the cost is reasonable and the value is high. The red bike is a Mongoose Hitch. The grey bike is a Northrock XC00. A gentleman from Wisconsin is coming to ride my E-goose today. On flat ground the Mongoose goes about 30 mph with a 230 rider with a range of over 20 miles without peddling.. The Northrock speed is closer to 40 mph.. We usually peddle for exercise and our typical 15 mile ride uses about 50% of a charge.. A charge cost about 5 cents. The controllers are cool. 30 amp on the 1200 watt. Convert DC to AC.. They use mosfets and the higher quality units are "pure sign wave". Street legal bikes for bike paths in this area are electronically limited to 20 mph and 750 watts. We sell factory built legal bikes as well. The E-goose is 1200 watts and the Northrock is 1000 watts. A 75 LB kid could be a real terror at 50+ MPH on a bike path. We only sell these to adults for off road use only. I have a trike coming for a conversion. This will be great among older folks. There is a good series of videos on You Tube by Bolton ebikes.. I have a site at rockcutbikes.com. Makes a fun DIY and you can do it indoors when the weather is cold. The folding 20 inch shown is one of several factory bikes we sell. We live just outside a large state park. The folding bike is a favorite with campers. I love the conversions because they have more wattage.. Imagine a fellow Carver nut wanting more wattage out of virtually everything.. ?
  3. <iframe width="790" height="444" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4HFFr0-ybg0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Rich, You might find this interesting.
  4. Pictures. The trade up arrived yesterday. Looks like new. Satisfaction Guaranteed. At the end of today, I'll put this on US Audio Mart. Watch what happens if no one on the sites buys it. You may be surprised how fast it sells. If it last a day, it would surprise me. If you don't love it, we refund 100% of your money the same day the tracking # shows received. I sell these almost every day for $2750.
  5. Happy birthday Paul. Enjoy!
  6. Guys, A Crimson 275 is coming in Thursday 4-18-19 from customer Mike Shaw. Mike has always wanted the Crimson 350s and he is taking advantage of the No-Depreciation Trade Up offer at Jim Clark Stereo. Mike is receiving the full retail price he paid $2750, toward his new Crimson 350 mono-blocks. Our policies are real and have real value to our customers, long after the initial purchase. This creates a preowned Crimson 275 for sale at a reduced cost. Same trade up offer applies. $1950 to your door. Posting this on the Carver themed sites first. It will likely sell the same day it list on US Audio Mart.
  7. Bruce is an awesome guy. If you get to Louisiana don't miss meeting the Rockster! Awesome hand made karma from a great man!
  8. Next month we have a new pair of Crimson 350 mono blocks going to the Axpona Audio Show in Chicago. This pair is the same color as the Crimson 275s. Once or twice per year we have a demo pair like these. They will have 3 days of run time during the show. They will ship out on April 16th 2019 after the show. The retail price is $9500. This pair includes the full new warranty of 15 years on tubes and amps. $7200 save $2300. You can reserve these with a small deposit. Crimson 350s in the darker color shown in the 275 picture. Can be seen and heard at Axpona in the Bob Carver - Jim Clark Stereo room 1215. Call Jim - 815 323 0898
  9. I still have the black pair in the picture. We have been using them for doing demos. Black has been discontinued as a color and now the Crimson 350s and the Crimson 275 are the the same darker red color. If you would like them, call me. 815 323 0898. Shipping is included in the price.
  10. Happy Birthday Mark!! Enjoy!
  11. The highly rated Uni Fi UB-5 bookshelf is on sale in March for $399 pr. at Jim Clark Stereo. We also have a few open box items that were used for demos and pictures, but are back in the factory packaging with the same new warranty and in mint condition. Uni Fi UF-5 floor standing speakers Reg $1000 pr. I have one pair for $749 shipped. Elac powered subwoofer Sub 3030. 12 inch driver, 12 inch passive radiator. 500 watts Rms. Controlled by a cell phone from your listening chair. Reg $699. I have one open box for $499. In stock. Ships today!
  12. Thanks Wayne. I know very little about it, and I'm thankful to hear more details.
  13. Here is a CF 2009 tube amp. It was a trade in. Apparently, someone was offering these assembled for sale on Ebay years ago . The gentleman who traded it in purchased it new on Ebay. Comes with tubes. CCs and PP accepted. Ships today.
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