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  1. Phone support is largely the bane of mankind. The support worker claiming through their thick accent that they're speaking to you from Omaha and asking you about the weather, strict adherence to flow-chart remedies, and when they encounter something outside their limited flow chart there's the inevitable "I will have to check with my supervisor I will return please wait" followed by interminable hold music on a 30 second loop. When I was a lad the sound was kindly referred to as "lift music", meaning Muzak versions of popular songs expired at least 15 years ago. No bends in the notes, nothing
  2. Thats certainly one way to do it. Quite a hefty investment though. If I were to spend that much on music management for my home I'd have just bought a Mac Mini. It would have become a full-fledged server then, and one could plug the DAC of choice into it, should one be so inclined. For my own uses, I stay away from streaming music from the outside world. I've read some truly terrifying things about the information being compiled on paid customers of such services. And of course I like to own my music. Its not much trouble for me to rip and add the appropriate art, and at under $50
  3. Thats interesting. I've seen those implementations before but never delved into them. How do you remotely control said streamer?
  4. I had a few moments after that last post to think to myself, "Oi, what about that other system upstairs? Y'know, that one system as opposed to all the other systems? Don't you want music streams going that a way?" I had one router left, a truly ancient one that looks to all the world like a laptop power adapter, so I decided to repurpose that thingie. Plug it into the wall outlet next to my desk computer, find it with the setup utility, name it, try to update it a couple of times but its so old the firmware is rather soft and moldy so no updates, but it tests out ok. So I pull it o
  5. I liked her in my youth, much less so as time passed. This song, however you feel about Carly, is probably her masterwork. I'd almost swear it was written by Greg Lake, for it has his depth of material.
  6. I must bring this thread back from the nether, for I have progress to report. I was mucking about on the Drop forum and found a thread very similar to this one. One participant had achieved some success by re-purposing an old Apple router as a music source for his stereo. I happen to have several boxes of cast-off computer bits, and I found a pair of old Airport Wifi routers in there. I took the newer of the pair, which is called the Express, or Extreme, or Exuberant, or whatever marketing superlative they used. The important part is that it is an 802.11alphabet router
  7. I'm just a poor sod that can't manage to go a week without falling over a deal. I barely know enough to keep from electrocuting my self once I'm in there, and here you want me to commit major surgery? If I were a more knowledgeable person - nay, a technician if you will - I would perhaps eliminate the frame transformer and go to a toroid. No more hums or buzzies. Also put a proper, potted rectifier in there instead of discrete diodes. I'm fair sure there's space a plenty in there. But what do I know? I'm sure there's some reason that Bob Almighty designed it the way he did. I'm s
  8. Aside from the related capacitors and perhaps installing fast recovery diodes where before there were lazy, ne'er do well diodes, what else concerning the power supply deserves consideration? I am doubly intrigued now, for it has the blessing of The Kev. If one were to compare the M1.5t to my fully recapped TFM-25, using the SDA SRS, which one would receive the accolades?
  9. It appears my mention of the lark in my bonnet as to this C-1 upgrade has already been considered here - the Burson op-amp upgrade. I had no idea the OP2134A in the BillD list were for the phono section, which is a complete waste of a Burson product. I will look elsewhere for amazement.
  10. Ah, the amp challenges me then. This is more my brand of mead. The glove is dropped, and I look forward to experimentation. In your opinion, do you feel this amp would pair well with my Polk SRS? They're now being vastly under-driven by a 120wpc Hafler. I would think the extra current from the M1.5t would extend the bass well beyond what the SRS are producing with the Hafler. Yet I would shy away from any brittleness introduced, as the Hafler amps are sharp enough and then some.
  11. We all must do our part. I accept my duty with a solemn bow. From the responses and requests I'm receiving of late, one would be led to believe this cd player is the early-80s hifi equivalent of bitcoin. I shall most likely sit upon it as I took ownership for what in retrospect appears to be a ridiculously small sum.
  12. Kev old chum, I've loaned out my lowly Polk RT5 test & demo speakers, my KEFs are down for refurbishment, and if I overlook the 602 then the only other speakers in the room were my Cantons. As I cherish those speakers and they are near impossible to find in new condition as mine are, should the M1.5t happen to force their drivers across the room or otherwise damage them, I'd have been left with no choice but to take the amp out for pistols at dawn. You may notice it lacks opposable thumbs so the advantage would have been mine. Better to do it this way as I've DM602s to spare. The Series 2
  13. Today I struggled to the top of the central spire of Schloss Butcher, atop which one might find that rolling siege tower of hifi in the first snap I posted. My ankle, freshly twisted, screamed out for mercy but I had none to spare, as I was about to .... <forboding music swells in volume... ravens cry out... lightning strikes several times in the same place... votes are audited...> AUDITION MY NEW CARVER PURCHASES! <thunder peals nearby... a window blows open... drapes struggle in the chilling breeze... wait, I own no drapery, what is this nonsense?
  14. Yes of course it is. And I, with a freshly sprained ankle, will now have time to attempt it. I found the information on the C-1 readily enough - instructions, service manual, BillD information. Yet another order from my parts vendors.
  15. Kev the Grump? Do tell! I imagine he did that because he had a choice between selling something or having to construct a new outbuilding at his residence.
  16. But of course. I've mentioned it before. Its a wonderful oddment here at the Schloss. It has a proprietary 14 bit DAC, working remote, fully functional. At one point I considered disposing of it but its turned out to be a wonderful player.
  17. As most anyone who reads my spectacular rail accidents we might call 'posts' may know, about a week ago I acquired a Carver M1.5t in a bit of a spontaneous action. The only issue I saw was that my only Carver preamp, my CT-3 (properly a preamp/tuner, I know, you detail oriented gits) was already spoken for, having been betrothed to my TFM-25 in an odd ceremony that shall be henceforth known as "thats all what I had on hand". This goes doubly so, now that Kev has pronounced his doom upon the CT-3. Not wanting to mix any of my other components with the new amplifier (to do so would
  18. Its a shame you gave them up. They are indeed difficult to move around. Mine are a bit over seven stone heavier than your SDA 2 were. If I need to move them, I must be quite serious about it. In that case, what befell Kurt may have related to an issue with his amp, a defect in his SDA 2, or perhaps both? I believe an easy way to confirm common ground is to simply set a multimeter to read ohms and then place the leads in the negative terminals of a given amplifier. Continuity shows common ground, infinite resistance shows inverting.
  19. Thats a particular divvy bit of prat that afflicts otherwise brilliant early models of the Stereo Dimensional Array speakers from Polk. An interconnect cable conjoins the two speakers carrying out of phase versions of each amplifier channel to the opposite channel's speaker. That signal is passed to one side of the SDA array, maths and physics happens, and each channel's crosstalk is nullified before it can reach the opposite ear. Quite nifty, actually. Bob Carver, the genius, did it with electronics so you can have a similar effect in most any good system without towers that are near two yard
  20. I know nothing about the mods for this amp, but I fear no mod as long as it doesn't involve welding or blacksmithing. I have no tubes, as I was soundly chastised here for even considering them. I do, however, have a very capable Hafler preamp that I've had completely reworked. It has a wonderful character and is somewhat effective at taming the flat, almost harsh character of my Hafler amps. I could also have a look-see for a C-1, and perform the correct mods on that one. Carver shiny has been a bit easier to find, of late.
  21. I happen to have just the right Polks here, provided this little sound sled is a common ground design. I have never seen any decent McIntosh speakers in my area, more's the pity.
  22. Just because I haven't been here doesn't mean I have not been finding new Carver bits. No, in fact I've been running hither and thither and snapping up Carver shinys like a certain madcap Italian plumber chases gold coins that inexplicably hover in mid-air. We won't speak of the mushrooms. As if the burgeoning stacks of audio components that threaten the structural integrity of the very floors of Schloss Butcher were not enough, I happened upon a quite equitable deal for an M1.5t recently. In a matter of hours, cash was placed in palm, amplifier placed in boot, amplifier added to
  23. Only when everything works, my friend. A component without the proper communicator makes me looney. Once in a great while I take a dive into the box o' many remotes at Dougie's Lair of Audio Exceptionalism and I come home with cheap handhelds just in case. I have Carver remotes for pieces I don't even own, which I think would be peak OCCD. While I would have no trouble replacing all 167 parts in the BillD modification roster, I would not feel right about that much of a modification. Even if I were up to it, the thought of putting counterfeit ALPS switches in my gear is
  24. Tell me more about this volume remote. I am intrigued.
  25. You own all of it, from what I've seen; all thats left to do is count the days and enjoy them, for victory is already yours.
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