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  1. Kappa man

    Kappa man

    Hey guys... I'm STILL in search for a Sunfire Classic Tube Control Center if anyone knows anyone that's selling one. 763-688-2228
  2. Lol, you are correct sir. Like most of my ventures I dabbled my feet for about 6 seconds then launched myself off the golden gate, and yes, this hobby AKA addiction can easily take stronghold and spin one self in massive dynamic circles between fit, finish, sound, brand, headroom, legroom, and spares for my bedroom. I would love to take your advice on "listening to the music" but I cant stop plugging, unplugging and twisting knobs to actually finish a full song on the Kappa8s cause these mo fos are HUNG-A-RY,..... so... this leads me to my last 2 options. Plan( A )Throw gobs of nice Carvers at them and cross fingers or Plan (B) Call local power company to have order and install a 35 ka-billawatt transformer into livingroom driving each noisebox mono.
  3. Hello fellow audioslaves, First of all I want to share I'm a fairly new noob to the hobby and Carver gear has always peaked my interest yet have not had pleasure of owning. Sites like this are what make this hobby very fun, Interesting and overall dynamic so thank you for not only the birth of the site , but also preserving what I beleive to be a historical Icon in not only the electrical engineering side of things, but also the music industry as a whole ! Without people like Bob Carver we may still be holding tin cans to are ears to amplify soundwaves:) without further ado, I am currently in the market for a Sunfire Signarure 600/2 or 9T-monos . If any leads pop up I would love to know. Thanks again ! Jason
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