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  1. I am always lingering from time to time. Working full time when I can and now back to school doing 11 credit hours. I still enjoy this site very much and all things we agree or disagree with as well as all the technical information available from so many great people. I also have met quite a few really good people and I am thankful for that. Thank you all !!!!!!!!
  2. Gonna be one of these days. Playing hooky from work, 2 lbs of M&M's, Ribeyes for the grill and drinks later. AC/DC radio on iHeart playing some good music.
  3. Thanks guys for the thoughts and cool pics and vids. Gonna play hooky today.
  4. Rob

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    Our Pepper garden is kickin. 75 plants. Super Chilli's, Cayenne, Serrano, Chinese, Hungarian and Poblano.
  5. So will this also be a repair facility for all of Bob's branding? Carver, Phase Linear, Lightstar, Sunfire?
  6. I had the 65 in 1 kit. A little smaller but I was always playing with that kit.
  7. I think I was about 10 years old and my uncle came to our house to do some wiring in a couple of new bedrooms. So being the kid I was I tried doing a little work myself after he left. Well that was the first time experienced pressure. After that electrical work always was an interest of mine. I got away from some types of electrical work and learned others. House wiring, automotive, appliances, and then into the stereo cult. Automotive is my mainstay and probably always will be since the hybrid and electric vehicles are on the march. I am still going to college and taking as much electrical classes as I can before retirement. I guess its something I am addicted to. Oh, and then I joined this group and all hell broke loose.
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