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  1. Get what ya pay for. I use wick and a bulb. No mechanical parts to fail.
  2. The good ole days. And MD 20/20.
  3. Rob


    I'm calling it the vintage PA wall. Need more wall.
  4. Rob

    Always changing

    Carver MXR-150 restoration by Greg.
  5. When I found this site and had Greg service my MXR, I didn't know the journey I would be on. I have since bought 3 amps, 3 pairs of speakers, a turntable and 2 CD players. Maybe 60% of my costs are in amps, 30% in speakers and 10% in the rest. And I have no idea where this journey will take me but I am having a good time.
  6. Rob


    Soft or hard. 😂
  7. We had a black and brown female and what an awesome dog. I always think about her. Miss her so much.
  8. Small world. When I was very young we used to have Dach's and her name was also Missy.
  9. My 5 year old toy poodle CiCi.
  10. I didn't see that. Sorry. But maybe can use the part number and find somewhere else.
  11. Rob

    weirdest things

    That is a good one. 😂
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