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  1. Congrats to Jeff and a big thanks to Charlie. This is one of the great things about the people in this Carver family. Always giving in some kind of way. I really appreciate everything everyone does here.
  2. Sold both my M200's to another friend at work. I think a am creating a carver group in Lansing. |-|

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rob


      I think when he always hears us talk about Carver, he had to join in. 😂

    3. gburke


      I have to agree lol. I do wish he would have hooked up his NAD and listened to those speakers for a bit before hooking up the amps. So he could really hear the difference. Im shocked you sold them and even more so that he actually bought them 

    4. Rob


      I know, but I wanted him set up with something that is already gone through. I want to eventually find a Sunfire 7 channel. 


  3. Welcome to the group. When you are able to post pics, we are all waiting.
  4. Thanks Charlie. Tools are always good to have but I already have one and so I will sit this out.
  5. I watched a very good documentary that gave a different approach. KISS THE GROUND!! Woody Harrelson is the narrator and its on Netflix.
  6. Welcome @mark33442 to the Carversite. This is a great place to be and you will find a few people willing to help you with your receiver issue. It is probably like any of the old receivers and the relays will need to be replaced but there could be other issues. Good luck restoring it and please post pics of your system when you are able to. We all love pics. Enjoy!!!
  7. And the flavor tonight is?
  8. Happy Birthday @avguytx.
  9. Welcome Mr. Adams to the Carversite. You are definitely at the right place to get information about your M200t and any other rabbit hole you decide to seek. There are very good people here with a wealth of knowledge. I have a couple M200t's that I went through and they are really good small amps. There will be many people welcoming you and steering you in the right direction which ever way you want to go.
  10. Those are great ideas. Maybe the 5 headed group could be Soundrooms?
  11. @jeffs Those 3 dots in the upper right of the post is where the edit icon is.
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