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  1. Welcome to the site @JRS Its a great place to be.
  2. I use 14-2 house wire.
  3. Welcome to the site. I also have the 42 that I am using at the moment. This is a great site and the people are helpful and fun. Sit back and enjoy.
  4. Caleb, Just let me know when you make a decision. 🤔
  5. Welcome to the site Frank. The MXR 150 was my first Carver piece that I also bought when I was in the service in Germany. I have held onto it for all these years and had @Nahash5150 refresh it for me. He definitely brought it back to life and I was able to enjoy it again. Since then I have been deep into the rabbit hole and haven't found any light at the other end of the tunnel. Good luck with your project and enjoy the site. Its a great place to be.
  6. Don't come to work next week or the week after!!!
  7. @Wilkic65 With all the research that you will do and reading the information, it will also come down to what look do you want to have. One of the aftermarket add ons for the C1 is the black faceplate but usually on eBay are around an additional 100 doll hairs. Actually you can find both pre amps in both colors. And like I said today at work, the remotes are hard to find and costly if you do find one. The remote add ons for the C1 only control the volume whereas the CT7 has more functionality. Its a crap shoot man. I have both and I like both. Sounds to me if you like
  8. You guys must be on their priority list. 😂
  9. I use those websites too but it hasn’t worked out for recapping 2000’s, 200’s and 130’s.
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