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  1. Rob


    I hope you enjoy them. I will be making some frames for my football sheets. I haven't been able to find anything close to the size I want.
  2. You got a tuner to go with it? Do you have some pics?
  3. Hey everyone, most of you seen the picture of the Marantz I posted on Rods post. I have it listed on eBay but am willing to trade here if anyone is interested and I might want what you are willing to trade. Its all cleaned and I have a couple of those fuse lights on order that will be coming and I will install but other than that everything works and it is almost in mint condition. PM me if interested. It would make a good garage or barn receiver. I am looking for a good Variac.
  4. Rob


    @PhilDent Those look awesome. Great job smoking them and the bark is the best. Dos Equis is safer if you like Mexican beer. 😆
  5. Sorry but all I could post was what I used to have. Actually I always thought that crotch rockets wouldn't be a very comfortable bike until I got this and it changed me mind. This bike was a blast to ride and I miss it. And of course another has been. Miss this one too.
  6. Yes sir it works. BUY IT!
  7. I had a guy give this to me a few weeks ago. I know its not powerful but yes I like the Marantz look too @4krow
  8. Rob

    Some Sad News

    I am so happy to hear this great news for your family. Have a good rest my friend.🙏
  9. Yeh I never thought about putting elec tape the bathrooms. Maybe I will just to see what the wife comes up with. 😂
  10. I was pretty worried about the condition of the amp but turns out it looks the same as the photo's so I think I dodged a bullet. Transformer grommets are gone but I have those. Hooked it up to my spare MXR and it worked. Dig into it more this weekend.
  11. The amp came packed in a f*&#! trash bag. Pics to come. 🤬
  12. @itchitch Congradulations on a great prize. Enjoy it.
  13. Will find out today if I go back to work next Tuesday :|:

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