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Status Updates posted by Rob

  1. Looking for a TX11a antenna Assembly with no rust. 

  2. 2000 receiver faceplate needed. 

  3. Looking for TFM 35 parts. 

    1. Rob


      I just got another AV 705x so I will be able to complete the amp. ~^

  4. Looking for some TFM35 parts. Mainly the faceplate but if someone has a fried unit let me know. 

  5. Still looking for an amp board for an AV 705x if anyone has an extra or a parts unit. 

  6. Scanning the eBay pages and came across something that I had to laugh about. There is a TFM15bc for sale that has a remote with it and the description says, " The unit does not power on but it does make noise when it is pluggin in😂


  7. In need of a Carver Premier 5 channel amp cosmetic parts and rack handles. :|:

    1. Nahash5150


      Nothing here.  :(


  8. In need of MXR 130 vertical flat knobs for the tape, speaker select. As many as possible. PM me. 

  9. Looking for a faceplate for a PM600.

  10. Looking for a C1 volume knob. 

    1. Nahash5150


      What we need is a CNC...

    2. Rob


      I know what you mean.  

    3. Rob


      Got one on the way. Thank you Will~^

  11. Looking for a full faceplate for a TFM-35.

  12. Looking for an MI 802 board for a TFM35 if anyone has one. 

  13. Anyone have parts for a M1.5t? 

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    2. allflehisequalwhenburnt
    3. allflehisequalwhenburnt


      The supply board that hooks up to the amp cards or the power regulator board 

    4. Rob


      Supply board that the amp cards connect to. 

  14. Beautiful day for a road trip up to  @Nahash5150 homestead. Hope you guys have a great HALLOWEEN party. 

  15. Sold both my M200's to another friend at work. I think a am creating a carver group in Lansing. |-|

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    2. Rob


      I think when he always hears us talk about Carver, he had to join in. 😂

    3. gburke


      I have to agree lol. I do wish he would have hooked up his NAD and listened to those speakers for a bit before hooking up the amps. So he could really hear the difference. Im shocked you sold them and even more so that he actually bought them 

    4. Rob


      I know, but I wanted him set up with something that is already gone through. I want to eventually find a Sunfire 7 channel. 


  16. Gifts and awards today. Thank you all. 

  17. Still looking for a repeat button for the TL3300.

  18. Thanks for the Award @Sk1Bum I appreciate it. |-|

    1. Sk1Bum


      You earned it, and thank you for your contributions. :D 

  19. I want to shout out to the person or people that thought enough of me to give an award. I just seen it in my email and it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much. |-|

  20. Will find out today if I go back to work next Tuesday :|:

  21. 10 Yards of mulch dumped in the driveway. Guess I should get busy.

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    2. Rob


      I am actually finished. Moved and spread all 10 yards in 5 hours. 🥵

    3. Nahash5150


      Go have a beer damnit!

    4. Rob


      In hand as we speak.🍻 Prost my friend.

  22. Finally after 5 weeks the TL 3300 has arrived. Remote on the way. Still looking for a repeat button.

  23. Rob

    Welcome tuskox to the Carver site. These are a great bunch of people here. Enjoy!


  24. Rob

    I think I might have opened up another can of worms. I posted on a local community website that I was looking for old stereo equipment for educational uses and possible restoration and I have 3 people today text me to come get equipment for free. 😂

    1. kve777


      Watch out for BPC!

      (Black plastic crap!)

    2. Rob
  25. Rob

    Yes. If that remote will work for my TL 3300 then I want it. Keep one for me.

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