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  1. So when I try to say something in the chatbox it disappears when I submit it. So HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

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    2. Rob


      Must have been some latency in there because the posts all came through late.


    3. Nahash5150
    4. Sk1Bum


      That also happens if you have scrolled up to read old post, and then forget to scroll back down.

  2. Welcome and enjoy. The first stop should be the welcome shop.

  3. Everyone, I am looking for a repeat button for a TL3300. If anyone has one let me know. Thanks

  4. Rob

    Welcome and enjoy rstek👍

    1. rstek


      Well I finally have had a chance to really listen to the C-9 - after many months of house modifications, e.g. mini-split install, new siding, other audio equipment repair, etc.


      Impressive, even if the sweet spot isn't as large as I'd might prefer.  I have yet to listen carefully in the quadraphonic setup - that's next.  Bob Carver is an audio magician.  Actually I am now waiting on a mod for my Phase Linear 1000 done by Audio Proz in Watertown, MA.  Vince, the owner, worked on the original Apt Holman preamp way back when and also worked with Dick Burwen.  I have one of his Burwen TNE 7000a units, preferring to remove tics when playing.


      Thanks again!

  5. Well, My wife and I and the dog had a beautiful road trip today in Michigan. We headed up to Greg @ Nelion Audio to drop off the MXR for a renew. Got to meet Greg and look at some equipment and chat a bit. Thanks for the compliments on the MXR . Can't wait for the finished product!


  6. Hello to all from Lansing Michigan. Thank you for excepting me into the community of Carver. I bought my first integrated Carver in1988 and never parted from it. I am hoping to get my MXR-150 updated soon so I can relive my early rocking habits. 

    1. johnrotten


      Welcome page should your first stop in the journey. It's much more visible than status updates and where members are ready to greet new members to the community. Nonetheless, welcome aboard!

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