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  1. Tubes substitution is a matter of taste and if you are interested in tube rolling you have more options than just the 12AX7 and 6DJ8/6922. I like using vintage tubes and would like to recommend a few that you may wish to consider. For the 12AX7 the following have identical pinout and will work, but may give you a little less gain : For the 12AX7 dual triode you can substitute 5751, 7025 or 12AX7A. GE, Raytheon and RCA made 5751 tubes years ago and these should still be available on eBay or other sites. GE also made the 7025 tube which was a high quality tube with low microphonics, perfect for keeping phono sections very quiet. British tubes labeled ECC83 or B339 from Amperex, Mullard or Telefunken can also be used as they are the same tube as the 12AX7. Regarding the 6DJ8, the Amperex company made a substitute called the 7308 with gold pins that was amazing. Any British tube designated E88CC can be substituted as it is the same as 6DJ8/6922. Good luck tube rolling and when you get the best sound you will know when you have chosen the right tubes!
  2. WOW, Very professional looking facility Jim and wishing you the best for your business. With Bob 'on tap' as your designer you should do brilliantly!
  3. Also have to agree that Bill has been great resource for all. Needed repair of Carver subwoofer once (a model that he could not service himself) and he still put me immediately in touch with someone who did ultimately repair it to 100% operation.
  4. Warren Haynes - backs up band with "killer" lead
  5. The Mule...the Man...its just that simple. The BEST.
  6. Derek Trucks' - serious slide guitar
  7. I will bring Bob's original Vacuum Tube Reference Model-1 Preamp (James used to call it the Silver-1, I believe). Bob asked me to send him a picture of it and then he told me he used this same preamp on his lab test-bench for many years at CARVER Corp.. Ed, if you can bring the beta version of V12 maybe we can have a shoot-out between the sound of the new V12 preamp vs. Bob's original Ref Preamp. As I understand it the new one has twelve 12AX7 tubes. I count 17 tubes (all 6DJ8s) in the original Ref Preamp of Bob's, not counting those in the separate power supply. The new and old are not the same circuit for sure. Maybe he can tell us more about differences in design. Bob will probably like the shoot-out because no matter which one is better sounding he will be the winner! Also will have Root Beer 180 Tube Amps, Apogee Mini-Grand speakers ( these have Apogee Stage full-range ribbons on top and Apogee's matching sub-woofer on bottom). May also bring the Blue Hawaii Special Addition if I have room. Have several good MC cartridges that should show off that phono section in Bob's original Ref. Preamp, which is truly excellent. Probably the best I've ever heard including some modern high-end transistor preamps like Klyne and Spectral. FOR SALE/TRADE STUFF: Threshold FET-10 preamp /w matching phono stage, Spectral DMA-90 Stereo Transistor Amp, Acoustic Research ES-1 Turntable /w Alchemist B High-Output MC Cartridge. Will probably bring only if somebody is interested in auditioning at CF.
  8. My wife and I would like to attend but I'm not sure if anything is still available. This would be our first stay so not sure how we would get on the list. Any help on this is appreciated.
  9. Yes, this is a great clarification, thanks! There was a mention of interactions at the Planck length but I failed to connect that to affecting just electrons, gluons, and quarks directly.
  10. The newly discovered 'geometric approach' to particle interactions by researchers involves a higher-dimensional object called the amplituhedron. The object suggests that particles interactions are simply the result geometry (and nothing else!) and even though the amplituhedron IS NOT built out of normal space-time and probabilities it appears to miraculously predict all possible particle decays in nature. It also removes locality as a requirement (the notion that particles can interact only from adjoining positions in space and time). A fascinating tool.
  11. In "The Origin of Matter and Time" video the speaker says "time and mass and matter become emergent (not fundamental) properties of the causal propagation of patterns of interactions between timeless, massless parts". This is a pretty amazing statement. I believe the 'parts' he refers to are the sub-atomic particles which he postulates are not time-interactive unlike larger aggregate particles which directly interact with time. Is the large particle interaction with the Higgs Field (and other fields/particles) the reason for this supposition differentiating small vs. large-aggregate particle relationship with 'time'? Does anyone know to what extent this has been experimentally proven or is it still just theory? Any known reference in a scientific journal?
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