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  1. The future just ain't what it used to be...
  2. Yes, this is a great clarification, thanks! There was a mention of interactions at the Planck length but I failed to connect that to affecting just electrons, gluons, and quarks directly.
  3. The newly discovered 'geometric approach' to particle interactions by researchers involves a higher-dimensional object called the amplituhedron. The object suggests that particles interactions are simply the result geometry (and nothing else!) and even though the amplituhedron IS NOT built out of normal space-time and probabilities it appears to miraculously predict all possible particle decays in nature. It also removes locality as a requirement (the notion that particles can interact only from adjoining positions in space and time). A fascinating tool.
  4. In "The Origin of Matter and Time" video the speaker says "time and mass and matter become emergent (not fundamental) properties of the causal propagation of patterns of interactions between timeless, massless parts". This is a pretty amazing statement. I believe the 'parts' he refers to are the sub-atomic particles which he postulates are not time-interactive unlike larger aggregate particles which directly interact with time. Is the large particle interaction with the Higgs Field (and other fields/particles) the reason for this supposition differentiating small vs. large-aggrega
  5. His many contributions to literature have shaped the modern world we live in today. Such far-reaching vision for humanity is chilling but also, I believe, a surprisingly accurate premonition of how the consciousness of man and machine will undoubtedly commingle and become one in the not so distant future. That process has already begun.
  6. @AndrewJohn Straylight is a reference to a private villa - perhaps you have heard of William Gibson - Takeshi Kitano - Johny Mnemonic and the Talking Head? @weitrhino Your 'welcome message' is a real scream...thank you. Wow, shades of Hotel California! Looks like a unique and very interesting place to be live...with the most interesting neighbors around!
  7. I once performed a cleanup of the embedded help-system of pop-ups for a software company's Laboratory Information Management System Database (LIMS). We created a standardized checklist to follow and compared all of the help responses to this standard checklist and were able to find inconsistencies and errors in spelling, grammar and outdated content. If a similar checklist is applied to every manual you can raise the level of quality of the entire library significantly and systematically as opposed to a manual process to accomplish the same. You can also flag those that are missing
  8. @Brain_at_HHH BTW...Bill Legal mentioned that these were the much rarer RS-1s and not RS-1b's. I was lucky to be able to find them he said because the bass drivers were the original poly cone but with black voice coil cover. According to Bill these drivers produced superior base and were much more articulate than the type later found in the RS-1b's. He said the reason for the change...they were just too expensive for the factory to make long-term. The guy also happened to have a brand new (still in the box) set of Infinity panel and bass grills 'fresh-from-the-factory
  9. @Brian_at_HHH Restoration was relatively easy. Turns out the connection hardware by infinity at the time these were being made were the quality of 'junk' and were all hanging by a thread...literally. No way to pass any real amperage through these until retrofit. I replaced all interface connections with Cardas quality connections...solid copper Cardas 5-way binding posts for the bass cabinets (not cheap!) and Cardas compression fittings (also not cheap) for crossovers in panels in panel base. The 5-ways look like they are plastic on the outside only because I shrink wrapped them be
  10. @AndrewJohn Here's a picture of one of my recently restored systems:
  11. AndrewJohn-chan...even Emperors must wait before truly knowing what lies beneath the kimono...
  12. @AndrewJohn Thank you for your warm welcome. You have an eagle eye, even when the pixel and bit-depth are quite low. Perhaps my reply should be reserved for another day as I am so new to this site (a true newbie) and really need to get my footing as an immediate priority. Noticed the DENON table in your equipment list...I once owned a DENON 47F table and must say it is a very smart design, especially in how it applies treatment to cancel the cartridge compliance and natural tonearm resonances in the 2-9 Hz region. A smart choice you have made and beautiful engineering!
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