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  1. I like my equipment so am not messing around with that.....right now. I just find that the better the recording, the stronger connection I get with the music.
  2. There is alot to be said about those Alan Parsons thoughts. What really applies to me is that I tend to listen to my best sounding recordings and ignore lesser recordings. Even if the performance is great, I will go with music that is well recorded when listening on my system. If I am in the yard or in my car, it all becomes fair game.
  3. Welcome caophan!!!! Hope you get your power squared away quickly.
  4. Welcome Olskool!!! Great to have you with us. That is indeed a nice "starter" amp. Hahahaha.
  5. Welcome!!! Hope you get that sweet MXR130 running again.
  6. That is so funny. When we were kids in Central WI, we would do anything to play basketball in the winter. We would break into school gyms, do anything to play inside. But when the authorities got on to us, we were relegated back to our driveway and it looked exactly like that. We would diligently shovel the drive early, hope that it dried quickly and have buddies over to play. Everyone brought their ball and we kept them inside the house and rotated them so they would continue to bounce in the cold. When the snow banks got high enough we could slam dunk. No video games back then.
  7. Welcome. Nice car and nice gear. Great to have you with us.
  8. I listened to Pet Sounds the other day. Nice sounding record.
  9. Amazing the similarities between these two albums.
  10. When my kids lived at home we could have used that
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