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  1. Thank you. That recording is indeed amazing. Thanks for the great background info. It is one of my main go-to records in my collection. I love the performance and especially the recording.
  2. Is that round shiney gold thing some sort of new multi-directional electrostatic speaker 😁 that I should know about?
  3. Tim, that is outstanding work!!!! And very nice gesture for someone who will especially enjoy it.
  4. I stumbled upon the Carversite at the very beginning of COVID while just searching stereo equipment. It was entirely out of boredom that I found you guys. I liked what I saw and really enjoyed the technical knowledge and banter. Then my MXR2000 started cutting out and fortunately I was in good hands getting it fixed. I enjoy all the various topics that appear and the brotherhood. I enjoy checking the site everyday because there is always something good going on.
  5. Always appreciate new music. Thank you!!!! I previewed the record and it really is quite good. Not particularly a Bee Gees guy but this is very nice. And interesting.
  6. That is one nice goat. The deep dish slots suit it nicely. Congratulations!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!!! Hope that it is a really nice one for you.
  8. Thank you. That was beautiful. Needed that after this last week.
  9. I have the 2011 "Music on Vinyl" recording of SRV - Couldnt Stand the Weather. Amazing recording. Tin Pan Alley gives me goose bumps. I also have a 2005 "Friday Music" recording of Boz Scaggs - Some Change. Pretty incredible voice and recording of it.
  10. Hi poncho455!!!!! WELCOME!!!! Great to have you with us. Lots of good things happening around here all the time. ENJOY!!!
  11. Thank you Kevin. Not familiar with any of it but maybe I should be. Always like new music!!! Will check it out.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THERE TOM!!! Hope that you have a great day.
  13. Happy Birthday Kevin. Hope that you have a really good one.
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