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  1. Equally good strategy. I listened to Toto a little in college but not since. After my dentist sent me that first video I have been thinking about re- visiting it myself. I am more
  2. Equally good strategy!!!! Used to listen to Toto a little in college and not much since. After the first video and learning who the players were, I have become interested in re-visiting them myself.
  3. Good stuff. Thanks. Nice deep dive into Toto itself.
  4. Once it gets going, sounds somewhat like Vince Guaraldi. Thanks
  5. It's kind of long but it sure kept my interest.
  6. https://youtu.be/4nBbzajS29o My Dentist sent this to me. Pretty interesting and funny interview.
  7. I think of you so much and you are in my prayers Barry.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SK1BUM!!! I can relate.
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