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  1. Pretty dang cool. Unfortunately now need to be careful with the Disney messaging to kids since they have become all woke. Never had to worry or even think of that when my kids were young.
  2. They have lots of BBQ's and a accessories so it kind of makes sense.
  3. Which one should I get? I am at Ace Hardware.
  4. Man, all sounds good. Now I got my work cut out for me on my grille this summer!!! Thank you everyone.
  5. They have Blue Hog at my local Ace Hardware at the checkout
  6. Welcome Michele!!! Great to have you with us.
  7. ABBA usually isn't my cup of tea but that's pretty good.
  8. I wouldn't think that it would be needed with all those flavors already
  9. To all my beloved friends on CS. Sure am glad that we have each other.
  10. Thanks. Great video. Makes me want to blast some music. And yes, get one of those hats. Didn't see that Dolly Parton thing coming!!!
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