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  1. Happy Birthday avguytx!!!! Hope that it is a really good one for you 😀
  2. If the owner would connect various pieces for me to audition while serving me cigars and port, i could be convinced to visit for a while.
  3. Very nice. Always like to practice a little voyeurism when it comes to stereo equipment😁
  4. Welcome PatAdams!!!! Great you have you. There is always some good stuff going on around here. Lots of knowledge, help and fun. Your gear sounds great😀
  5. Hi Jeffs I believe that i experienced the same but then clicked on the three dots in the upper right and there it was. That was a few days ago and hope that i am remembering correctly and it has not been updated recently.
  6. We have been watching a series on Netflix called Chef's Table. There are some really great episodes on BBQ if any of you BBQers would like some inspiration for something new.
  7. Port, Stilton and Ceeegars..... And smart talk.
  8. Godspeed to you Eddie🙏.
  9. Hi Greg I think that is looks really nice and crisp. I like it. Only thing is the text options above a post reply are barely visible. But this is on my phone. Havent used the update on my desktop. Thanks for all of your hard work on this😀.
  10. 🍺Now thats a proper birthday🍺
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!!!! Hope that it is a really good one. Now get back to killing that keg!!!!!
  12. Welcome patstaschio!!!!! Great to have you. You will like it around here. I have a Carver receiver that i have had since 1986. Finally had to have some work done this year but otherwise it has been flawless. The guys here helped me with that. Lots of great guys here that are always willing to help and are just lots of fun along the way.
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