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  1. Good point. But range would be much better getting out of town.
  2. That and living there with the power out.
  3. I think that i remember that too!!!
  4. I lived in the Midwest at the time and with forced air heat, our place was very dry in the winter with lots of static electricity. Everything would be attracted to and stick to my records. The Zerostat did help.
  5. Receiver2000


    Just found one of these. Including the instructions. Never used. Dumped the fluid. Oh yeah, wore out a couple of these and a Zerostat Gun back in the day. Discwasher didn't get worn out but probably gummed up with the THC from profuse consumption.
  6. Man, we sure used to listen to them alot.
  7. Robbie Robertson "Music For The Native Americans" is worth checking out.
  8. Either way, what a disruption!!!!
  9. I was thinking that it was the 70 going through Colorado. Last year a slide diverted the Colorado River that runs along the highway.
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