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  1. Phil, I think that I know why you were really invited.😁 That looks incredible.
  2. Sorry about the collateral damage. Ouch.
  3. Looks like a beast!!! Thanks for the pic.
  4. Hi Aceman- I think that the file size can be a max of 500kb. I use an app called Lit to compress what I post. Please post a pic of that mofo!!!!! Its always good to step back in time a bit. Thanks.
  5. Receiver2000


    I have skied and done quite a bit of fly fishing in Wyoming. Its absolutely beautiful. I hope that it always remains that way and that you all stay safe. Last month I heard your governor humorously say "in Wyoming, we have been social distancing for 150 years!!!"
  6. Yup. It's their flagship.😁
  7. Brings back memories for me. Thank you. I remember all the controls!!! Does she work?
  8. Thank God. I am so happy to hear this Charlie.
  9. I had a 2270 receiver, I know, I know, havent you had anything but receivers (nope, havent), but I loved it. Rocked my JBL 166 Horizons at the time. Loved that big ol' FM tuning dial. So easy to dial in weak stations. Always liked the looks of their turntables also but never had one. So...i also say.... buy it Rod!!! A little out of brand but who is keeping track. When i get more sophisticated or when my R2000 (35 years+-) acts up I will need advice on where to go from here guys.
  10. Hard to say that there is a best song on this record.
  11. Haha. Thanks but after being here awhile I believe true handiwork is knowing how to open the hood on a piece of Carver equipment. I am amazed at the matter of fact technical knowledge around here!!!
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