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  1. Welcome. Great to have you with us.
  2. Oh I hope not. I am a full on vinyl guy but I have at least a couple hundred CD's that I love listening to.
  3. I mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer. The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking on various topics. Finally, I thought about an age-old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the nuts? Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts. Well, after another beer, and some heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with the answer to that question. Getting kicked in the nuts is more painful than having a baby; and here is the reason for my conclusion. A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, "It might be nice to have another child." On the other hand, you never hear a guy say, "You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts." I rest my case. Time for another beer.
  4. Good point. I don't believe that I knew of their car audio products until they were mentioned here on TCS.
  5. Thats the first song Tokyo Traffic. Some great playing going on there!!! The last song on Impressions is Koto Song from Concord on a Summer Night. One of my other favorite Brubecks.
  6. I traveled to CO last weekend and had time in the airport etc, so I was listening to new country music on the XM app. on my phone. Really enjoyed the country music storytelling alot. I will listen again.
  7. Hahaha. I'm there occasionally myself.
  8. Hahaha. I'm there occasionally myself.
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