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Everything posted by Receiver2000

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADMIKE46!!!!! Hope that you have a great day.
  2. I never imagined anything like this... It is comforting to see that there is hope for us and our beloved hobby as we grow older.
  3. Welcome solarfire!!! Great to have you with us.
  4. Hey imafed, so good to have you. This is a great forum with teriffic guys who are always willing to help. And they are fun to hang with. Always good stuff happening around here. Welcome!!!
  5. No mans life, liberty or property is safe when the Legislature is in session.
  6. Welcome Kurt!!!! Good to have you. I'm like you, most of my friends dont appreciate what we have. But the guys around here sure do and they are way more fun. Glad that you are here with us in our little part of the world........Carverland.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope that it's a great one for you
  8. Happy Birthday both of you gentlemen!!!!
  9. Welcome jmct!!!! Glad to have you with us. Lots of great guys and fun around here.
  10. Welcome Drifter!!! Great to have you with us and hope that you enjoy the 6250. If you ever need help, there are on-call techs around here that are always available.
  11. Hahahahaha. This is wonderful for all the kids that I know. Very cool. They will be hearing this one. Thanks.
  12. I believe that you were feeling it there 1798wky just like my roommate at the time who only wore black t-shirts. Most of then AC DC. Good times.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!! I hope that it is a really good one for you.
  14. Hi there ilconte64!!!! Great to have you. You will enjoy the good stuff happening around here all the time. Lots of great, talented and funny guys to hang with. Welcome!!!
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope that it's a great one for you.
  16. Welcome Bill!!! Glad that you are with us. Lots of good stuff happening around here all the time and there should be no problem getting any of your questions answered by a bunch of really fun guys who are always willing to help and put a smile across your face😄
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