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  1. Dang, sure hope you get it sorted soon and start rockin!!!⁸
  2. That's cool, the piano is exceptionally snappy.
  3. Smoked alot of ditch weed back then listening to that one.
  4. Picked up this 2012 Jeff Lynne re-recording of ELO's best work. Sounds better-different than my other ELO records. Sounds maybe more punchy and crisp than the original but different.
  5. Welcome Russ. Glad that you are getting back into audio!!!
  6. Welcome, great to have you with us.
  7. Hollywood Bowl is a really cool place. I need to try to get this arranged on my end so we can connect. After years of gibber jabbering on CS, it would be great to meet. Even if we we don't sit together we can meet up at one of the fantastic places up the ramp to the bowl. Let's PM tomorrow.
  8. The neighbor kids van. Oh brother. Bet his parents love that.
  9. Thank you. Parking is screwy at the Hollywood Bowl - it is stacked parking so you don't leave before the people in front of you leave. No early exit. If you go either Uber in or park about a block away at the American Legion. Then you can get your car anytime.
  10. I am going to have to get up to the Hollywood Bowl for that show.
  11. Ooooo that is so nice. Thank you!!!!
  12. Carversite is the best. Such good care and advise.
  13. Welcome Mark!!!!! Hope that you get your MXR2000 sorted soon. I bought mine new about 35 years ago and outside of recap and relay work, it is has been just awesome. Congratulations, hope that you enjoy yours as much as I have.
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