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  1. As an experiment try moving the ribbons to the opposite sides from each speaker, when they are next to each other they lobe out and cancel each other. Hook up a mic and REW and you will actually see the SPL fall off. Even though it doesn't look as kool you can actually stand them directly behind each other and add a small delay and they will rock. I have 3 pair and have experimented with many different ways and x-overs systems.

    1. 2chGearBuff


      Moved them around and now both ribbons are opposite each other.  Not sure u really am noticing much of a difference.  But you know how our minds are, we can't remember what we heard 5 seconds before!  I will try out the one behind the other at some point!  Just enjoying the incredible sound my system is putting out!

    2. 2chGearBuff


      Well I should say, the are now so both ribbons are toward the center.  Next will be to put them so one is on the outmost end and the  other ribbon will be next to the center (audio rack)!  will be playing with arrangements to figure out what works best in my space!   It is such a horrible problem to have!  LOL!!

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