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  1. A "boombox" made by Sharp. Similar to this one
  2. Go over to best buy, they will set you up. I went with an Aries modem and nighthawk router. Worked pretty good, then I upgraded to the gigabyte package and the modem was only rated for 3.0 and I needed 3.1 so I'm back to rental for now. This new one they have out seems to work really well.
  3. Prayers for Barry and his family
  4. Nope. I usually keep the bass, mid , and treble at 0 or 12 o'clock position
  5. I guess there's alot of truth to that! I just fired up mine and after listening to it for a bit I'm not so sure there is a clear winner, I absolutely love the way this M1.0T mkll opt002 sounds. Then again, Rob and I are running different speakers designed for different purposes. At the end of the day I guess it comes down to personal preference. The 4.0 is slightly more powerful while I feel the 1.0 is a little more bass heavy, but that might "circle back"😂 to the different speakers
  6. We learned last night that they handle way beyond 3 o'clock. The 4.0 was most impressive, a complete powerhouse. As much as it saddens me to say, I think Rob has regained the throne for best sounding amp in the greater Lansing area... slightly 😎
  7. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Wanted to spend it with the family on the boat but good ole Michigan weather had other plans (at least around the Lansing area). So we made the best of it and grilled up some porterhouse steaks and had a few beers. Didn't have to work, so overall it was a great day
  8. Vegas love big power, and they sound great doing it. That's what makes them so great imo. I just had mine at 10 o'clock and got yelled at again by my 7 yr old. Said he can't hear his friends talking over the headset with his bedroom door closed. Darn kids
  9. Ok,ok. Fine. Go ahead and drop it off before you go to work and I'll try to use up most of the headroom for you. If not, well it gives me a good excuse to get another set of speakers if they blow😁 Really though, it sounded great before, I can only imagine what it sounds like now, will need a demo sometime soon. Congratulations buddy
  10. Recently added a 2000 to my setup. Gotta say I love the sonic hologram, the sound is amazing especially when paired with the 1.0. Huge thank you to my enabler @Rob for finding this near perfect condition unit and bringing it back to life
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