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  1. Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving!
  2. We are all one big family 🍻🔊
  3. Are you saying they may be related?🤔
  4. @Wilkic65 we are gonna keep @Robbusy all winter long 🤣
  5. Seems simple enough. Thank you!
  6. Its not too bad of a project to swap them out is it?
  7. @Receiver2000 thank you. I will look into getting one
  8. I need to get one also. Just been using a wire. Some stations come in good and some don't that should.
  9. @Wilkic65 going country today aye? 👍
  10. I noticed the same when I ditched the Yamaha/klipsch system and went with the mxr and d5's
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