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  1. Thanks Greg. But how’s the quality like are they selling cheap represses?
  2. Has anyone ordered vinyls from Amazon? what are the pros? The cons?
  3. A set of t-50 towers and sub
  4. Moved a few more things... polks are out and klipsch are in they are happy pushed by the mxr150 next goal is hang tv and get a floating entertainment center
  5. The phone is an old decanter
  6. Spent the weekend moving a few things now I have a full carver system pushing a few Vegas in the bar
  7. Ac/dc back in black on a 33LP with my new to me mxr150
  8. Pioneer sx-650 working on cleaning it up I know it’s not a carver but it was free with the house so why not play around with it
  9. Who know who I’m related to if I listen to you and others around the shop I’m related to everyone
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