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  1. Ac/dc back in black on a 33LP with my new to me mxr150
  2. Pioneer sx-650 working on cleaning it up I know it’s not a carver but it was free with the house so why not play around with it
  3. Who know who I’m related to if I listen to you and others around the shop I’m related to everyone
  4. Yeah I did get it just waiting on shipping I sent him an email
  5. It was a good deal not in a rush he has his own projects
  6. Yeah with a little help from @Robit looks like they are soldered to the input board but I have to move the noise reduction board and the tuner board but also be careful because the leads for the tape dubbing run are connected close by
  7. Rob said the same thing I’m going to wait till it’s here and see how bad it is
  8. So I recently added a mxr 130 to the family and love it now I just acquired a mxr 150 but the 150 has a 1 broken rca other then that it’s in working order how would I get a replacement?
  9. Bluetooth works fine so I’ll manage for the time
  10. Dang I have mine in the basement
  11. I was setting the presets but using Bluetooth atm I need to upgrade my antenna
  12. I’m impressed with my new addition of a mxr-130 I like that I have more control over the music compared to the pioneer I had been using I’ve noticed more clarity and better tone
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