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  1. Hi Carver Family, I have been reading content here for about six months, and I thank all for their vast knowledge and input. I am the original owner of a C1 and M500t since 1989, while raising and caring for family, my audio sort of took a back seat to family needs. I never seemed to have the time or space to trully enjoy my system (AR9 speakers, 1981). Now that I am retired, I finally have the time and space, but, its time to recap and upgrade! I was planning to recap the AR9's, but as luck would have it, I was simply replacing the speaker cable connectors, and the amp did not power up. The meter lights are on and the needles move as if there is  output, but no sound. I have been browsing the content here  which is quite helpful. My background helps in electrical industrial design, but amplifiers and sound circuits are little different animal. I have the service manual and will take voltage readings and compare them to the manual. That's about it for now. Not sure where I should post this. Any help will be appreciated.

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      And I thought I was the only One!

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      Some other senior members may be napping. but will chime in soon....  Great bunch of folks here to help you and all of us along the journey.  Some might say the journey never ends, audio system perfection can be a constantly moving target, but that's up to you ... :D  

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