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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it. That's good to know! I really love the design of the M500 with the nice VU-meters and the natural sound with huge amount of energy reserve
  2. Hello, i am also new in this carver community and would like to introduce myself. From my childhood on i always loved the passion for HiFi as my father was having always nice amp's collections. It was always a pleasure to listen music on his systems, therefore it was one of the very first things i got when i moved into my first place. A couple of years later i also have a nice collection of devices and lately also a Carver M-500 found it's way to my collection which is used as my main appliance now replacing a Yamaha B-4. So far this is the most amazing amp i've ever had, specially the technology and design of the power supply is amazing and the amplifier offers an incredible sound. Since im planning to acquire more Carver devices it's my pleasure i've found this place and to be part of this community now to exchange informations and knowledge.
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