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  1. Happy Bday Hal, nearing that  Big one in a couple years ... 😂  Enjoy your day !!

  2. IF you order your ButtHurt remover in the next 10 minutes..... We will provide a second one, for the same LOW price, to share with your family or friends . Additional S&H may apply. This is a limited time offer, operators are standing by.
  3. Have had this C-2 for a while and thought that its time for it to have a new home. Decided to put it up for auction with ALL proceeds going to help fund theCareverSite. I will cover shipping to the lower 48 or a $25 credit for shipping to Canada. Been very impressed with how everyone shares knowledge, information and is always willing to help. Not to mention having a little fun along the way. Bought this C-2 with a carver amp in a package deal a while back. Function wise it seems to work fine. It does have a few minor bumps and scrapes. The only other issue is cosmetic, t
  4. Terist, Welcome to the group!! Lots of great info and folks to help along the way !! Enjoy
  5. Saw a post about your 69 Chevelle, Nice !!  Do you drive it much on the street?  

  6. Welcome to the site, lots to read an discover. ..... Lots of great folks to help you along the way!! Enjoy !!!!
  7. WOW, Thank YOU, what welcome from everyone !!! A special Thanks to Brian_at _HHH for helping me see the my OCCD might be worse than I Thought ...... 😂 And to AndrewJohn who showed me OCCD treatments do come in liquid form !! Let the Journey begin
  8. Thanks !!! Looking forward to the ride 👍
  9. Well as a matter of fact I am looking into refreshing the m1.0t (and the m4.0t) amps but...... I recently discovered that the m1.0t amps I have are two very different versions/designs. The one m1.0t is an early version without the mono/stereo switch, believe they call it an inverting design (??). The other m1.0t is a later model with the mono/stereo switch, believe that's the non-inverting design(??). So, before the refresh upgrade I need to get a matched set of m1.0t's, leaning towards the non-inverting type. Am in the market for a m1.0t , just need to decide which one to go after.
  10. Hello All, As a guest I was able to read several threads, this sounds like a group that should prove to be interesting to be a part of. So, I guess the first thing I'm supposed to do is tell you about me and why I decided to join. The part about me might take a while, so we'll save that for later. Why I decided to join, may sound familiar, I too have had some Carver equipment for many years. And.... like many others have written, have decided to get it out of storage, bring it back to life and enjoy it again. The second thing that seems popular is to describe what Carver stuff I have
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