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  1. Welcome to TCS, sounds like your well on your way with the great system you have. Lots of great folks here with knowledge in the SS and tube world... Enjoy !!!
  2. Welcome back to TCS !!!, lots of great folks here that can help with everything except winning lottery numbers ...... Enjoy
  3. Happy B-Day, hoping you got yo enjoy your day !!!!

  4. Wow !!! we have ticket stubs from ball games, vacations, trains,..... We are probably millionaires and don't even realize it...... Wasn't in P. T. Barnum who said "there's a sucker born every minute" ??? Suppose everyone's got to have a hobby and collect something right? I have even heard there are people that seek out and collect old broken down audio equipment. Then fix up the audio gear and give it to each other...... Go Figure !!!
  5. Happy Belated B-day !! Hoping you had a Great B-day and celebrate many, many more ....
  6. Welcome to the TCS site !! Looks like your well on your journey... Lots of great info and people here to help you along your never ending audio journey..
  7. Excellent start to a wonderful journey @4krow may you fare well said @ButcherGods speed !!!
  8. All things are possible, BUT some things cost more than other things
  9. Happy B-day, hoping you have a great day, enjoy !!!

  10. Welcome Frank if we can recruit a couple more retired EE's we might be able to turn this ship around.... Lots of great folks here tp help you along your journey. If you can't find what your looking for please ask, its probably here, and there are many who know where to look . Welcome to the TCS club, jump right in the waters fine !!!
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