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  1. I'm Mathieu, living in Burgundy/France. Discovered Carver stuff when I was about 13 old, in the 80's. The time of huge systems, big Magnepan tympani's driven by 2 of 4 Carvers, and so. I forgot the brand for about 20 years, and went to other stuffs (...). I specialy dedicated my time to repairing/optimising Electrostatic speakers (Acoustats and Dayton Wright's mainly). These stay very desirable speakers, and have been forgotten by the audio word. About 10years ago, I had occasion to purchase a 1.5, and was amazed by the musicality and living energy of that amp. I start collectecting many 1.5's, TFM's 42 and 45, Bose 1800-VI, even a preamp c19... Carver amp have replaced high-end stuff in many of my friends's systems now. These transistors amps pass very well with low efficiency systems, they bring a sensation of life, deep and clean bass, without any agressivity or harshness. And in addition, Bob Carver has all my sympathy. His incredible engineer skills and ability to keep alive his company are amazing, and he really brought to the audio community a new and diagonal vision of what should be audio stuff.
  2. Hello Carver fans, Owner of several Carver/Sunfire amps for decades, I'm always happy with them. Carver amps have a very specific personality, a way to make music alive, that'what I'm searching for... PM series, TFM series, I'm listening them daily, and also repair and recap some. Could someone explain to me why the carver amps have two different designs : - the PM1. 5 / TFM42-45 type : amp PCBs are set verticaly on the amp frame, and the power PCB is separated from them - the PM1. 0 / TFM25 / TFM55 type : the power transistors are on both sides. Why these deep structural differences on different products at the same period of time? Regards for any hint Mathieu
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