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  1. Question: have you heard of a M-1.5t running hot? There's one for sale on eBay that the seller says it performs okay, but runs hot. Sounds like something is possibly wrong with it. I thought I could consider a separate amp and C-1 configuration for my needs instead of looking at another receiver. I could always get another AVR 100 since mine performs perfectly. There's an interesting M-500t for sale that the owner is selling . He also has a C-1 for sale and they are part of his collection. Since I'm aware of the cost to repair these old units, I'm being very cautious.
  2. Have you had any issues with it? Still seems like a good unit to add to my collection . It also appears to have an optical input to allow sound from my TV to be sent without buying a converter.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback regarding the C-1000. Although it may be a great addition to my collection, it's possible serviceability issues, could make it a poor choice. I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation regarding a M-500t and a C-1 combo for my application, since I don't need a tuner. I realize that I will need an optical to RCA adapter to get audio from my TV to make this application work. There's such a combo for sale on eBay by their owner, who is changing out his equipment. I'm sure that these units are easily serviceable and if Greg is still on this chat, can you send me your fee to upgrade both units along with latest mods for the C-1
  4. I’m extremely interested in everyone’s opinion regarding the C1000. Roland has told me it isn’t really a Carver, so that’s why nobody will work on it. I guess I’ll change my search to a 2000 or another AVR 100. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  5. For all the Carver baskets, mine has never overheated since 1991 and is performing to Carver published specs and better as per Roland Barr who worked on mine.
  6. Yes it is. He has sold one and offered me the last one at a lower price.
  7. John, thanks for your input, it is appreciated. I think I've possibly done too much research on this unknown, to me, receiver but since it's old and since the individual who refreshed my AVR 100, recommended I not buy it, I'm really on the fence. He will not work on it if it poops out, This could make it a very expensive paperweight. Since it appears to have the optical input that I can use from my Samsung TV, and has the necessary speaker outputs needed for surround sound, along with lots of guts, I thought it would be a perfect alternative to buying another 100. There's one for sale on eBay right now, but the seller isn't a sound purist, and it just may be a nice looking piece of junk.
  8. let me know if you decide to power up this unit and what you thin about it sound quality.

  9. Since my application needs do not require a tuner, maybe I should consider an updated M-1.0t and C1 combo instead. I have a Carver Surround Processor to take care of rear and sub needs. Any suggestions regarding this choice?
  10. Is this a good receiver to buy? Have an AVR 100 but want another Carver to attach to my big screen tv. mall suggestion and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Elio
  11. Looking to buy a 2000 or AVR 100 in great condition. Currently own a 100 and want either a receiver or amp/preamp for use with my Samsung TV. any suggestions, Elio

  12. Elio

    Rob do you still have a 2000 for sale. Seen a few on eBay. Have an excellent performing AVR100 that has been updates by Roland Barr, but looking at a 2000 for my big screen TV. sen me a quick email   elioronchini@hotmail.com

    Send me a cost, its physical and sound performance and any mods you have done to the unit



    1. Rob


      I just sent you an email. ~^

    2. Rob


      You can also call or text me @5172149542

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