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  1. let me know if you decide to power up this unit and what you thin about it sound quality.

  2. Looking to buy a 2000 or AVR 100 in great condition. Currently own a 100 and want either a receiver or amp/preamp for use with my Samsung TV. any suggestions, Elio

  3. Elio

    Rob do you still have a 2000 for sale. Seen a few on eBay. Have an excellent performing AVR100 that has been updates by Roland Barr, but looking at a 2000 for my big screen TV. sen me a quick email   elioronchini@hotmail.com

    Send me a cost, its physical and sound performance and any mods you have done to the unit



    1. Rob


      I just sent you an email. ~^

    2. Rob


      You can also call or text me @5172149542

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