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  1. Yes, @Maddmaster I like to dust my music room out every now and then. But, I can't really get much above "1/2 throttle" on the volume knob before the neighborhood gets concerned, lol !
  2. Hi @B-Man, I'm on the south side of Charlotte, near the SC border. Been here for 15 years, moved from Michigan. Love it here. Never going back North!
  3. Thanks @AndrewJohn, yeah... I've heard from the Bose haters and I understand some of it. But, I had the 601 series II in the late '80s and loved them. So, I bought these series 1's I have now based on that.... and I even think the series 1's are better. Plus, to your point, they have a more classic look than the plasticky look of later versions!. Mine sound great with the 1.5 amp.
  4. Hey there! I'm new here- Thanks for letting me join. I'm a Carver fan since back in the '80's when I couldn't afford to buy the stuff. Funny how that goes...now that I have the money to buy the things I wanted back then, I'm way too old for most of my friends to appreciate how cool (personal bias admitted) my setup is. So, I'm seeking the company of others who have an appreciation :). I've been able to collect a Carver C1 pre-amp, M1.5t amp, a TX-2 tuner, and even a TL-3100 CD Player... and use them along with a Technics SL-D1 turntable and Bose 601 Series 1 speakers.
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