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  1. Thanks, thats a great tip!
  2. So, a friend of mine knows that I "like old records" and gave me some old 10" 78 RPM Shellac records he came by. I'm not real keen on the music (1940's stuff......Dinah Shore, lol). But, I do want to try out the records, just because. My Technics turntable has been modified to have a 78 RPM setting. But, I don't know about the cartridge/stylus situation... I have an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Does anyone know if that's ok to play on the old shellac records? Will it damage the cartridge or record at all?
  3. " ......So now I'm prayin' for the end of time to hurry up and arrive......."
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before... couldn't find any info. Does any know of a reference or information regarding historical production information for the various Carver components? For example, I'm wondering how many C1 Preamps were made, during what years, and at what locations? Really just curious about how rare certain components are relative to others and some of the history of when certain models were made. I'm an old auto engineer so that kind of history and those kinds of numbers really interest me- similar to when and where certain vintage cars were produced. Thank
  5. 10,000 Maniacs: In My Tribe on CD
  6. I am not superstitious.....but, I am a little "stitious"....
  7. Oh, that's a good idea....I hadn't thought about that... thanks.
  8. So, I love my vintage audio gear. But, I have to admit, I probably use mostly digital, streaming, music sources for listening (more often than my records, CD's, or tapes). Right now, I have a relatively inexpensive bluetooth adapter routing the music into my preamp from my iphone. I see all kinds of discussions about DAC's, and there are some fairly expensive high end music streamers out there, supposedly with fantastic DAC's. Here's my newbie question for you all: How much better is the sound coming through those high end streaming music devices? Do I need to be worried about having th
  9. Thanks @Butcher Yes, That explanation helps. I did not know that's how the Polk interconnect cable worked. So, basically, when combined (in Ghost Buster's parlance, when I "crossed the streams" ), with the Carver it was bad news for one of my Polks. Too bad, I kinda liked those speakers, even though they were massive and hard to move around. I ended up selling the pair, "as was" to somebody who thought they could fix 'em. Thanks again.
  10. What is it about Polk speakers needing the amp to be common ground? I had some Polk SDA-2's I ran with my m1.5t. Sounded great.......briefly.... Then I lost one of the Polks. Not sure if running them with the m1.5t wast the issue. But folks have told me they are incompatible. Why is that? I've run the 1.5 with other speakers and had no issue.
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