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Drew Losch

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  1. Hey Guys, I purchased a capacitor refresh kit for my Carver TFM-22. Did all the work myself, and did it correctly as I am a really good pro-soldering tech. I plugged in the unit, it powered up just fine and I adjusted the alignment for both output channels. Left dialed in just fine at 1 mv, but the right will not adjust over .09 mv. I replaced the output regulators/modules and still the same thing. Anyone been through this procedure?

  2. This is my Carver rack system. I had it in storage for quite a while in Ohio while I was living in Texas. I'm currently doing a complete capacitor upgrade to the TFM-22 amp. It's a pretty easy unit to work on...don't have to remove anything but the top and bottom casing. The huge power supply cans were glued to the main PCB, but a little MEK on a small brush melted it perfectly without damage to any other components. I'll be powering it up soon after I do the alignment for L&R output. FUN STUFF!!!

    Carver for site (2).JPG

  3. Hello Fellow Carver fans! I'm a newbie navigating around this excellent site...sooo looking forward to sailing around the Carver world although I'm a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant with a passion for high-end stereo components...looks like FUN! 

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