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  1. I am looking for a Black Face plate for a M 1.5t,  if anyone has one for sale, 

    I have gotten a Black M 1.0t and C-1  off a guy on ebay but he 

    doesn't respond to my emails now. and just want the new to me amp to match

    everything else I have.

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    2. Ron


      Thanks Kurt if we can do this I would throw the silver one in for your efforts 

    3. Kurt



      Well, Russ got back to me right away! Lol.  Unfortunately, he says he's out of stock on the black m1.5t faceplates.  Bummer.




    4. Ron


      Well Thank you sir for trying,  and also proves he does not respond to me due to our last sale. 

      May be S O L  on that for some time to come.

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