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  1. I just downloaded the service manual for my Carver TFM 6CB which was BADLY overheating. I suspect the cap's are bad as the amp works well for a while, but then overheats and the right channel cuts out.

    I'm going to do a refresh of all the capacitors on my Carver equipment. 

    Parts are on order (capacitors and relays) from tedds.com and jacobsparts.com.

    I've played with audio equipment dating back to the mid 1950's, so I have a little experience with that.. 

    Hope that everything goes well with the refresh.


  2. First of all, I want to thank the admins and supporters for providing a site where those who appreciate good audio equipment can post ideas and get help in making things "work better".

    First impression. Real nice.

    Good to see that clearly stated protocols exist for posting, unlike FaceFear where one can be locked out forever without any hope of returning to the forest.

    1. Sk1Bum


      Hello Lee, and welcome to C!. While status updates are certainly OK, most of them don't get many replies. Feel free to post an introduction in The Welcome Shop.


      It's good to have you aboard. :) 

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