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  1. Ok, here the update:


    I replaced the PS capacitors the unit no longer was working. With the help from Les Wolff of Circuits and Concepts I was able to find that the HV at D623 &D627 were high 131v AC and 87v AC. Did some more TS and was to the point that the more I worked on it the worse it was getting. This little unit Carver 130 is not just something that I got off E-bay I have an emotional connection to it. Les was good enough to take a look at it. He found that there was a shorted capacitor on the preamp board and it was dragging the PS down. He also found a bad capacitor on the noise reduction board bad along with the tuner board that was intermittent. After all repairs Les completed the refurbishing and upgrades.

    I just want to point out that Les was great to work with, in my view he just loves Carvers and wants to keep them running. What I can say about my 38 year old Carver 130 is that with my DIY CSS speakers the sound is just stunning.

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