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  1. Had never heard of a 'harp guitar' until I saw this guys covers of Ozzy, Metallica, Beatles, Kansas..... Here's the top 10 most viewed on his channel.
  2. Yep, didn't see the smaller font items on the right side. As Emily Litella would say.....never mind.
  3. I use Firefox on Macbook Pro, I don't see Notifications under Account Settings, if I click the 'bell' icon next to the messages icon I get Notifications then click the Notification Settings button. Mark
  4. FYI, today I received an email from MoFi about their new MoFi Youtube channel. Mark
  5. Thanks but I saved a copy of a post that showed the cover. Charlie is sending me the file.
  6. I downloaded the .zip archive of the 2014 Carver Site 2 disc reference set several years ago and burned the tunes to cd. I can't find that .zip file and I loaned the cd's to a friend who lost them. I found a link to the file on the carver audio site but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. If anybody has the .zip archive I would appreciate a copy, PM me and I'll send you my email addy. Thanks. Mark
  7. Worked at a local burger joint thru high school and summers the first couple years of college ('72 thru '74), this was on the jukebox, and probably was played 20 times a day. Mark
  8. I have a similar Kunzel / Telarc digital CD, also sounds pretty good.
  9. It's a non-stocked part - is there a reason you need a 105C part?
  10. I bought this when it first released, sounds great. Also available as pre-order at music direct.
  11. Not on the mofi list - Donald Fagen The Nightfly, Santana Abraxas. Mark
  12. I haven't received the email yet, I ordered two back in January. Mark
  13. I sold my new copy of Abraxas last summer for $386 + 14 shipping. Bought it October 2016 directly from MOFI for $107. When The Nightfly became available I pre-ordered 2 of them, and pre-ordered 2 Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Mark
  14. Mostly hi quality CD's (MOFI, Audio Fidelity, DCC), some hi quality vinyl. Some K2 mastered CD's sound great (ELP, Eagles), some not so great (Bat Out Of Hell), probably depends on how good the original master was. Have a couple SACD's and an older OPPO DV-981 that I haven't listened to very much. Bought a Sony CD changer and recorder in 2006 - it makes a bit for bit copy of any original CD, so my CD's only get played a couple times to make copies to use, mainly in my vehicles. Mark
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