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  1. Yep, didn't see the smaller font items on the right side. As Emily Litella would say.....never mind.
  2. I use Firefox on Macbook Pro, I don't see Notifications under Account Settings, if I click the 'bell' icon next to the messages icon I get Notifications then click the Notification Settings button. Mark
  3. FYI, today I received an email from MoFi about their new MoFi Youtube channel. Mark
  4. I pre-ordered the self titled SACD from music direct back in June 2017. Last year I asked if they knew why the long delay, their response was "To put to plaintively; MoFi is " in line with everyone else" to get it pressed. As there is only one plant on the world that produces SACD, times to press are long."
  5. I use a Mac at home but when I was working my work computer was Windows, and we used IrfanView to edit image files. It was first released in 1996, small (3 MB), available in both 32 and 64 bit, and free for non-comercial use. http://IrfanView.com
  6. Thanks Charlie, I hadn't seen that. If you have a firefox account (I didn't but it only took a couple minutes to create one) you can send file sizes up to 2.5GB. Mark
  7. Thanks but I saved a copy of a post that showed the cover. Charlie is sending me the file.
  8. I downloaded the .zip archive of the 2014 Carver Site 2 disc reference set several years ago and burned the tunes to cd. I can't find that .zip file and I loaned the cd's to a friend who lost them. I found a link to the file on the carver audio site but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. If anybody has the .zip archive I would appreciate a copy, PM me and I'll send you my email addy. Thanks. Mark
  9. I had a 2006 Mustang 4.0 V6 automatic that really needed more horsepower - tried a K&N that did not require recalibration of the PCM, was louder but no noticeable difference in power. Sold it on craigslist and got Ford Racing's CAI with an aftermarket tune (calibration), made more power but still not a V8. Traded it for a 2012 Mustang GT, much more fun to drive. Mark
  10. Worked at a local burger joint thru high school and summers the first couple years of college ('72 thru '74), this was on the jukebox, and probably was played 20 times a day. Mark
  11. There is a Grant Fidelity buffer on ebay, Auction at $145 with $17.70 shipping, ends Tuesday, 4:41PM pst
  12. Another one I liked him in was The Osterman Weekend (1983).
  13. I have a similar Kunzel / Telarc digital CD, also sounds pretty good.
  14. And, the winnner is..... morris PM me your info and I'll get it in the mail. Thanks for participating. Mark
  15. About 23 hours left in this karma, in so far are; Dennis47 47 Packratt 67 wrf 42 BarryG 27 kvd777 77 morris 33 Zennith4me 62 Decibel_Junkie 73 hewlew1 84 oldtexasdog 82 PhilDent 24
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