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  1. Greetings and Happy New Year to All.

    I recently purchased a pair of AL III speakers and these did not have the 3 controls on the crossover.

    I did find a pair of 'was working when removed' of AL III speakers.

    My question comes to mind, as these speakers were 'married' to their crossovers, can I simply swap out the non-adjustable crossovers for the ones with adjustments?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. AndrewJohn


      Just saw your note in "updates"...


      If you start a thread in "speakers" forum, you might get more replies..., the updates on the sidebar scroll by...


      To your question, I don't know - to find out, first I would search on threads on the forum - there's a rich history of threads on all kinds of "what if" scenarios like you are asking about - from members still here today, and others busy doing other things, and still others in audio heaven.  I'd mine that information with judicious searches.  Second, If you already found the cross overs, why not try it out, start a thread, and share your experience with others - add to the Brain Trust?  Let others know how it actually goes?

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