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  1. Main audio system: Quad ESL2912, Pre Cat SL1 Reinassance, Power amp Sanders Magtech, sources: MSB Platinum DAC IV, MSB universal transport & player UMT, Turntable Michell Orbe with arm Eminent Technology ET2 and Ortofon Cadenza Black, Cocktail Audio X45 streamer and music database. Audio & Video add on system: JVC X-7900 4K Projector, Sony 65" AF9 OLED, Pre Marantz AV-8801, Power amp 5ch Marantz M-7055, turntable CEC ST-930, universal player Oppo UDP-203, Monitor Audio Gold center channel, RCF X-02 rear channels. Power conditioners: Nadir 2.5 KW, 2x Cabre DR-220, System & Magic Blacknoise 2500, 500 & Extreme, Belkin AV-40.


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