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  1. I think it's the +. I want to upgrade to 1080p too but still holding out for now.
  2. Thanks. Yes I had transfered everything I wanted from the Reels through the Soundblaster interface to the music server and CDR.
  3. Pictures show current viewing setup, then next one is what it looked like before I downsized and updated a few pieces. The 3rd picture is my current setup. Top to Botton 23" Dell HD Monitor Keyboard Panasonic DMR EZ485V DVD Recorder/Player/Digital Tuner Octava HDMI Switcher B&K Ref 50 PreAmp/Processor Sony 400 Disc DVD Changer Creative X-Fi Interface HK HD7600II CD Player (Vintage and still going strong) Sony BDP S1 Monster Power Center HTS5000 Carver M1.0t mkII (powers to front center channels) Carver M1.0 mkII opt 002 (powers front 2 channels) Parasound H
  4. I moved away from Verbatum a couple years ago and switched to TDK. I catch them on sale at Costco for $19.99 for a 100 stack. Never got a coaster and I burn at 48X all the time. They play any where and anytime. No skips or freezes at all. I use TDK DVD R's too.
  5. I echo all the compliments. Great setup and awesome looking room. I too had a pair of the 901 VI's and used to drive them with a M1.5t. They were hung from the ceiling on chains and sometimes they were cranked so loud I could make they slightly swing. I could get the M1.5t to clip but they were extremely loud by then. Still wondering whether to sell or keep it. Anyone interested PM me.
  6. Awesome system. It just shows that once a system sounds the way we want it to sound, why mess with perfection.
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