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  1. The digital generation behind us don't care about reading album or cd covers; who the musicians, song writers and producers are. All they care about is listening to the music. I too have an Ipod but unless you spend alot of money on the earbuds/phones it's like listening to a transistor radio back in the day which I think really sucks. We have always shared music with the introduction of the cassette deck.  They didn't realize that many time that helped sales. You would get something you liked from a friend and just had to have the original. So IMO as far as loosing a sale was a wash. Same goes today with CD's being copied to CDR. I like to have the original but want to know if I like it before I buy it. If a good product is released it sells. How many times have you bought a CD only to find 1 maybe 2 worthy songs on it? That opened the door for Napster, Rhapsody, ITunes and more. $1 per song and pick what you want.


    The record industry is also it's worse enemy. They worried too much about CD's being burned to CDR. A SACD burner wasn't available and I do not remember one being sold. They could have lowered the selling price and moved the format to SACD or DVD-Audio. They would have been safe for awhile. The SACD's failure was also because it really didn't hit the masses. What's funny is even to this day you can find people that do know what a SACD or DVD-Audio is, much less heard one. The other factor was the cost. The price was so jacked up people would pass it by for a plain old CD version. I know I passed a many of them unless it was something I really wanted. I think I ended up with about 50 of them before it started dying out. It may have a better chance now since HT in a box is cheap enough for most to buy which gives them the speaker setup needed. The sound quality will be lacking but the hardware is there.
  2. Tell Walt I'd be happier here if I could find someone worth a damn for a haircut!
    Awright' date=' I don't want to hijack your thread.  I didn't really have the space for the Amazings before but my beautiful wife tolerated them anyway.  Now it's no problem.  Dude, you need something beefy in the speaks department.  Consider the AL-III's or a sub and some Sunfire ribbons. 


    Hey Rodney, the sub is there just no shown in the pictures. You are right though. Those front speakers couldn't cut it without a sub in the room.
  3. I always read Stereo Review magazine and loved looking at the new products. Advertising was always an eye opener too. I saw Carver products in the magazine and was always interested. Like many have said I didn't have the $$$'s. I remember going to an Audio Show in the 80's listening to different setups. I thought I had a pretty good system until listening to different one's at the show. I always wanted a good system which I thought I had. I bought alot of different pieces  trying to get that ultimate sound when I was stationed overseas. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/1293541350052031064suxYJX?vhost=home-and-garden

    My JVC Receiver was a Quad setup (50 wpc x 4 or 125 x 2). The Bose 901's I had would make the receiver clip at a certain point so I was looking for an amp. At the Audio show this one system caught my ear and eye. When I ask what was driving the speakers to make them sound so good at such a loud volume. The guy lifted the table cloth and I saw this cube under it. It was the Carver Cube I read so much about in the magazine. I was hooked and amazed. I didn't buy it but a few years later went to the local Audio store and found a M 1.5t. I opened and account there and took it home. When I hooked it up to drive the 901's I was in awe at the sound. It sounded as if I had new speakers. I heard things I didn't know was in the music. I have been hooked every since. I ended up going back to that store later and got a CT-17. I kept that for many years. I saw a CT-29 at an Audio Store in Florida that I was dying to have but the cost was a stumbling block so I kept my CT-17. The CT-17 I finally sold when I got a B&K Reference 20 (moved up Digital Dolby and DTS). The M 1.5t I still have. I went from the JVC setup to this:


    Of course this has been downsized with many pieces retiring :-)


    There was an old Caver Forum site I had found years ago that had a light blue background which I don't think exist anymore. When I found this site and Rich's mkII site I read everything. I had to see for myself if everything these people had written was true. As many of you, I too was amazed when I finally got my hands on one. The rest is now history.


    As I do not play X-Mas music but once a year on my Sony Juke Box. I have found some of the CD's needed cleaning. Anyone have a BEST REMIDY for this? I have seen many on the market, needles to say. Along with this I would ask, "What is the best way to clean the interior workings of the Sony Juke Box"?

    Thanks for your thoughts as always.


    Mine stay preety much in mint condition. However, I have borrowed a few or the wife on ocassion may leave a finger smudge. I use a dab of dishwashing liquid and cold to warm water, gently washing it with me finger. Rinse it thoroughly and dry from inside circle toward the outside edge. All the gadgets out there are no more then money makers for big companies.
  5. Nice setup Maddmaster. Is that a very large screen or a very small room?

    That part of the room is an extension of the basement. The screen is 106"  16:9 ratio. Using that part of the basement for most of the sound I do not piss my neighbors off unless I really get to cranking.

  6. Really nice set up! Is that a Benq 8700 or the 8700+ I had both models and they are nice but now I have the epson 1080p that got rave reviews and was cheap emteeth.gif


    I think it's the +. I want to upgrade to 1080p too but still holding out for now.
  7. 20101127113225254.jpg20101127113132644.jpg20101127112946953.jpg

    Pictures show current viewing setup, then next one is what it looked like before I downsized and updated a few pieces. The 3rd picture is my current setup.


    Top to Botton

    23" Dell HD Monitor


    Panasonic DMR EZ485V DVD Recorder/Player/Digital Tuner

    Octava HDMI Switcher

    B&K Ref 50 PreAmp/Processor

    Sony 400 Disc DVD Changer

    Creative X-Fi Interface

    HK HD7600II CD Player (Vintage and still going strong)

    Sony BDP S1

    Monster Power Center HTS5000

    Carver M1.0t mkII (powers to front center channels)

    Carver M1.0 mkII opt 002 (powers front 2 channels)

    Parasound HCA 806A (powers sounds)


    Definitive Technology Speakers

    STS Towers (Front L & R)

    Mythos Eight (Center)

    Mythos Gems (Side & Rear)

    Supercube Reference Sub



    BenQ PE8700 Projector



    Current picture shows one center. I am awaiting delivery (today) of a 2nd Mythos Eight which I will put at the bottom of the screen.


    Hoping to soon replace the Parasound Amp with a Carver AV705 or AV806.



  8. I moved away from Verbatum a couple years ago and switched to TDK. I catch them on sale at Costco for $19.99 for a 100 stack. Never got a coaster and I burn at 48X all the time. They play any where and anytime. No skips or freezes at all. I use TDK DVD R's too.

  9. I echo all the compliments. Great setup and awesome looking room.


    I too had a pair of the 901 VI's and used to drive them with a M1.5t. They were hung from the ceiling on chains and sometimes they were cranked so loud I could make they slightly swing. I could get the M1.5t to clip but they were extremely loud by then. Still wondering whether to sell or keep it. Anyone interested PM me.
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