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Posts posted by Maddmaster

  1. 21 hours ago, gburke said:

    Thanks to my buddy @Rob I am even farther down the rabbit hole 🤣 Just added a M1.0T to my MXR-150. I must say, I am very impressed. Now, to see how long i can go before upgrading more. 


    Welcome to the rabbit hole. You're just beginning. It's addictive. What is even more impressive is if you like that M1.0t stock sound the mkII and mkII opt002 will put the sound quality on a higher level. It is an upgrade well worth the money. 

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  2. Nice hookup. Your screen looks like the type I modified. If you always leave it down you can remove it from the housing. I removed mine. I then stapled it to the wall and used molding to build a frame around it. If you roll it up at times then I wouldn't entertain the idea. Some have a Flat Screen TV behind the screen for regular use and only use their projectors for movies.



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  3. On 7/17/2020 at 5:54 AM, Packratt said:

    I've been using it 15-20. Its probably been 10 since I last upgraded it. I took a look to see if they were still around and see they have gone to an annual subscription type of business model This would be a deal breaker to me. I'm a firm believer in owning not renting software.


    The annual subscription is to continue getting the upgrades as they improve it and/or fix bugs. The software will still work without the subscription. The days of owning the software are at an end. Companies realized they can better control the hacks and copying/sharing the software by not printing disc and manuals anymore. Also with everything changing to Apps makes it more cost effective for them. Our loss.

  4. 1 hour ago, 4RUNNER said:

    To those using the Wally World / Ikea shelves as I do, I think they are designed to hold this kind of weight standing 2 wide 4 tall, might not ever be a problem but something to think about ??????? 


    Have any pictures?


  5. On 6/24/2020 at 6:40 PM, Packratt said:

    Couple of you mentioned needing something to keep a list.


    Take a look at collectorz.com. I use their book, dvd, and music software.


    I've been using collectorz over 10 years and love it. CD's and DVD's are so easily found and never need to alphabetize them on a shelf. I just give each an index number that matches the collectorz software.

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  6. On 7/12/2020 at 3:19 PM, Ln310 said:

    Hello I’m a novice audiophile, I started way back when I saved up to a buy a Sony ES receiver (late 80’s I believe, i was in high school) and still today I love to find vintage amps and speakers. Carver amps have always been the best to me so I’m excited to be a part of this group. Im in Los Angeles 


    Welcome. You are in a great place for gear. It seems there are always bargains showing n California and Florida. Always too far away for me. LOL     You will find a wealth of knowledge here and people always willing to share and help.

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