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  1. YES, definitely YES. I am old enough to remember when music was recorded in STEREO. RECORDS were recorded in stereo, mostly. That means you had some of the instruments and singers coming from one speaker, and the other music was coming from the other speaker. It was a great blend, and if you had your room setup right, it was magic. Granted, CD's are cleaner, until they get scratched, but I just love taking out the record, remembering what I was doing back then, and who I was with. Nostalgic. Never give up my records. Of course if we get talking Reel to Reel, all bets are off.
  2. Thanks, can't wait until I get enough cred to ask questions and do trouble shooting on my MXR 130. Easier to pick your brains then me second guessing. Lots of nice systems in here......
  3. I am new to the Forum as I just recently acquired a new Carver MXR 130 that works beautifully, and another one that needs help. Not new to the hobby, I have plenty of vintage Sansui, Technics reel to reels, and much more. Looking to get into learning on how to troubleshoot and repair the Carver Units. Thanks. Gary
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