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  1. Welcome! One nice thing about the vintage Carver gear is that it's all serviceable and can perform as good as, or better, than new once restored.
  2. Welcome! Plenty of good stories here, most service manuals, and some really knowledgeable folks to help out.
  3. Welcome John! I'm also in Massachusetts up on the North Shore.
  4. Yes, the dial controls in most audio equipment are potentiometers and commonly referred to as simply 'pots' Pots will generally be sealed to try and keep dust out, but most inexpensive pots still have some small openings where you can get in some cleaner. Here's an example - the straw on your cleaner can sometimes sneak in a little opening like where the red arrow is (and sometimes there are small openings on the back): The better pots are usually sealed to keep all dust and dirt out. These usually are meant to be replaced when they have a problem, but if you're skilled like @Eyexlr8 is, you can often carefully disassemble and clean them. Here's a completely sealed pot for comparison to the above:
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