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  1. Can a Carver MXR 130 be bridged with a Carver PM 900?

    1. AndrewJohn


      Thanks for asking.  Welcome to TheCarverSite.  the "what's on your mind" area may not get as much response as posting a new thread in the Amplifier section on your question.


      Not sure what you mean.  The term "bridge" typically means combining the amplification of two channels in an amplifier to make higher-powered single-channel output.


      It is possible to use an MXR 130 as a preamp sending pre-amp line level output to the PM 900 as the amplifier - this will bypass, and not use, the MXR 130 amplifers at all.


      Many would prefer to pick up a C-1 preamp, and use the MXR 130 somewhere else (I have one in the Garage for my garage listening).  


      But it's possible to do that with the MXR130.  To do this, you need to find the pre-out RCA jacks and remove the jumpers that feed the pre-out into the internal MXR130 amplifiers. 



      The manual describes 11 and 12 as:



      Connect those RCAs to the inputs on the PM 900.  Connect your speakers to the PM-900.  The PM900 does not have RCA inputs, so you are going to have to do some extra effort in cabling.  One option is RCA to XLR Adaptor cables are available on Amazon.



      The PM 900 manual points out that the PM 900 only has tip-ring, or XLR connector, or the barrier strip (bare wire) for it's inputs.  So you need to get an adaptor cable for RCA to XLR (one of three options, probably the safest) to adapt the RCA output of the MXR130 to the input of the PM900.



      Hopefully this is enough to get you going.  The PM 900 is a nice pro amp, often used for bands (to amplify vocals from microphones on stage, mixed through a mixing board).  It can be used as a home-use power amp, but as noted above, it's slightly more complicated than a home-stereo preamp and amp set-up, and the MXR130 is also an integrated system (has preamp, amp, and tuner in one unit) so you have to deal with that configuration side of things too.


      Best of luck, start a thread in the Amp secton - or receiver topic category, and let us know how it turns out!


      The manuals I snipped images from, are available from the manuals section on TheCarverSite - choose the manuals menu at the top, and you'll find them.  Be careful, and use caution.  And, this is a non-standard configuration, so you should approach at your own risk after getting confident with the elements described in the manuals.



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