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  1. Rebecca,


     I would be interested in the Carver C-9 unit FOR $100 + SHIPPING if it is still available. LMK, how you would like to be paid. Here is my shipping address:


    235 N. INGALLS ST.



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    2. 4krow




       I know that you are busy with everything and so don't worry too much about everything. FWIW, the unit weighs in at about 3 pounds if that helps you, and likely shipping will not be very much as it isn't a large box.


       LMK when you need payment and how much and I will immediately send it per PP.


       Regards, Greg

    3. RebeccaB


      Hello Greg,

      I boxed up the unit and took it to UPS to ship and they said it would be $53 which I thought was too high. Are you ok with me sending it via USPS I think it will be a lot be a lot less with them. 


      So you have it my PayPal account is with my email address cicadianrhythm@gmail.com

      Here is a link to it.


      Take care Rebecca 

    4. 4krow


      Yes, Rebecca, I just went through the USPS system this morning because UPS wanted $87 dollars for what I was shipping! So then I went to the post office and the price was $63 which was still very high, but I sent it. It was much bigger than the C-9.

       When I send C-9 units out, they cost about $18-24 to ship. I suggest that you try USPS and see if their pricing is better. 

       Let me know the total, and I will be happy to pay per PP as you have given your PP address to me. It will be easy that way. Thanks.



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