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  1. Rebecca,


     I would be interested in the Carver C-9 unit FOR $100 + SHIPPING if it is still available. LMK, how you would like to be paid. Here is my shipping address:


    235 N. INGALLS ST.



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    2. 4krow




       I just sent you $135 and believe that it will cover shipping. Size of the box matters in a case like this. Please let me know if it comes to more than that so I can reimburse you.


       Thanks, Greg

    3. RebeccaB


      Hello Greg,

      The unit yesterday via USPS. This is the tracking number:



      Here is a photo of the receipt:




      So the shipping was only $21.90 with USPS.  Since you paid $35 , I owe you $13.10 would you like me to send it to you via the same GJP inc you sent me the payment at? 


      Take care Rebecca 

    4. 4krow




       We are square in my book. Do not worry about refund. I am happy that this worked out for you, and FWIW, I now remember that this is a C-9 unit that I upgraded for Barry years ago. It will be cool to have it here again. It has special meaning, and I can take step back in time when I open the top up and peek inside.


       Regards, Greg

  2. Hello everyone I wanted to update you all that I just posted List 1 of Barry Galvin's Estate sale on the Novice's gear (FS/WTB) forum. Apologies for the long delay I injured my ankle and wasn't able to go to the storage unit and get an inventory and was only able to get a partial inventory but wanted to get things moving. I believe there are about 10 more pieces of equipment and more components to post. Thank you all for your patience.
  3. @AndrewJohn Thank you so much for your warm welcome and it's great to hear about your turntable! Barry often told me of his conversations with Bob Carver and as @Eliothei mentioned you could tell from the excitement in Barry's voice, the joy he took from them. Barry had a deep respect for Bob Carver and all of his inventions. The information on how to properly post the items is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to get to the storage unit in the next couple of days and double check my list and get everything posted. Thank you again for your help.
  4. Thank you for the advice! It's great appreciated. Many of the items we know are in some state of disrepair as Barry's favorite thing was to repair and or upgrade equipment. The equipment is in a storage unit and we do not have a way to test or clean them so they will be sold as is. We can plug items and tell you whether or not they turn on. As far as packaging I have experience with shipping art sculptures, and this past summer I was able to successfully send a Carver crimson 275 tube amp to a friend of Barry's and an SL7 turntable. Local pickup would be great! For posting items for sale I could use some advice. Would it be ok to post a list of everything around 40 items and tools and then post photos for items people are interested in? Or is it preferred to make individual posts for each item ? Also is Novice's gear (FS/WTB) the correct forum for me to post the items? Thank you again.
  5. Hello my name is Rebecca Baldwin. Many of you knew my Uncle Barry Galvin who passed away last May. I'm here posting on behalf of his whole family we want to thank all of you for your support for him throughout his life he always spoke highly of of the friendships he had among his fellow Carver aficionados. I know that your collective love of music and sound kept his spirit going. We all miss him dearly but are glad he is no longer suffering. Although we are all still grieving for our loss we are working on sorting out his collection of sound equipment and electric parts. If it is ok with the admins I was hoping to post a list of the items in his collection to sell on the site. We want if possible for them to go to people who can use, fix and enjoy them. As you know Barry left behind one daughter Melissa and 2 grandsons Jacob and Jeremiah, money from the sale of the items will go to help them. Again thank you all for being there for Barry we really appreciate it. Thank you, Rebecca
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