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  1. Hey welcome aboard! The Amazings are much loved speakers hereabouts. BTW; if you ever blow a ribbon, member SEAS rebuilds them for a very reasonable fee. Jazz
  2. Welcome Bob! Whew! I saw your intro and name, and for a minute dyslexia kicked in and I thought Bob CARVER had gone senile and posted this thread. I'm glad that wasn't the case, and glad to welcome YOU aboard Bob Craver. Charlie
  3. Welcome Evanz, Photos for the porn pervs, please 🙂
  4. A great article about Miles Davis' masterpiece; Kind of Blue: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/a46871755/james-kaplan-miles-davis-3-shades-of-blue-excerpt/
  5. Welcome to the CarverSite, Dano The compulsion to buy more Carver stuff is raging here...
  6. I don't usually listen to smooth jazz but this sax lady Kaori Kobayashi is exceptional:
  7. jazzman53

    Sk1Bum's Rig

    Love your rig! I didn't know you were an ESL guy too. And I've never seen a face plate like that on a C4000.
  8. jazzman53

    New Jazz Albums

    I really like this album! The drums are amazing. Thank you Teecelly for posting it.
  9. Hi Kurt, It will be a nice to welcome you new folks to the Fest. There are no official names for clan (or at least none I would care to repeat in polite company)... maybe we can come up with some 🙂 Some of us hike the local trails at the crack of dawn almost every morning at the Fest, and we'd love to have you join us, although we may be too slow for you (I'm 70). I've noted in a couple of your posts that you have a DIY sub and other projects going, and there are several other DIY guys here (me too) so the Fest should be great fun this year, as usual. We'll be looking to see on the 14th! Charlie
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