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  1. That lady is a trip.... here's another of her videos (yes, it's the same woman):
  2. Welcome to the psychosis, Scott :-)
  3. Yup... I have a serious infatuation with miss Glyk
  4. Kinga Glyk Trio full concert in Germany-- It's hard to believe anyone this young can be this good...
  5. Got a funk groove going tonight with Ida Neilson & the Funk Bots:
  6. Yup, I'm at work right now, on lunchtime. I get a temperature scan for fever before I'm allowed thru the security gate, most doors are propped open so no one has to touch a door knob, and I have to wear a mask whenever I leave my cubicle or go out in the shop. No meetings except via web-X. The cafeteria is still open for takeout only, so at least I don't starve. Whenever a plane comes in for service; the pilots are escorted out in a special van, the plane gets quarantined for a week, and then a hazmat team cleans it before anyone is allowed to work on it. I'm just glad I still have a job. Many don't.
  7. I wasn't aware that anyone on the Carversite had a pair of Sanders' Model 10 ESLs. I've always wanted to hear those but never had the opportunity. If they don't fit the new décor; whatcha gonna do? Gotta keep the walkin' boss happy.
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