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  1. I've told this story before, but I think it's appropriate to tell it again today, as we honor our beloved friend Bill. I confess to joining the Carversite because I needed something-- I had just purchased a pair of TFM-25's off Ebay with bulging caps and I had no repair experience and no clue what to do. After going thru the Service Manual and wading thru search filters on Digikey, all the unfamiliar terms and specs had me about ready to throw in the towel. So I posted some questions here on the site and got a few helpful tips. And then the very next morning, s
  2. Welcome to the forum Sir, Feel free to post some pics-- we love porn. Enjoy the CarverSite!
  3. Welcome Brent, Some nice amps you have there; especially after you get them recapped. I went on a binge once and recapped three TFM-25's over a weekend-- not just the power caps either, but all (39) of them in each amp. You're gonna fit right in 🙂 Jazz
  4. Welcome Kevin, You'll find a home here 🙂
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