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  1. Welcome Jeff, I'm afraid you've fallen in with a bunch of amp hoarders-- and it's contagious 🙂 Glad to have you aboard!
  2. Welcome to the Carversite Troy, I'm about 100 mi south of you in Savannah, GA. I will second Sk1Bum's recommendation... Sea (a.k.a. Ed) can make your ribbon sing again. Enjoy the site! Charlie
  3. jazzman53

    New Jazz Albums

    Here's a tune from Melody Gardot's new album; Sunsets in Blue-- and my go-to album to demo my new Jazzman MkIII speakers:
  4. I never imagined anything like this...
  5. jazzman53

    New Jazz Albums

    This ain't exactly new, just new to me:
  6. Dave Brubeck Quartet.... Joe Morello does two solos in this one-- the second one blows me away!
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