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  1. I'll be bringing pair of stats is anyone wants to test amps with them 🙂
  2. VIDEO-2022-05-28-06-11-05.mp4
  3. Welcome Faust, I think you made the right choice picking the 35 over the 35X. It would be nice if you could find some rack handles for it but those aren't easy to come by. Also; you will want to pop the hood and check for bulging caps. And if it hasn't already been recapped, you might want to do that. There's a service manual for it in the manuals section here and I'm sure someone has already made up a recap parts list. I have a TFM-25 full recap parts list, and I believe the TFM35 uses the same caps-- although you would need to go thru the respective service manuals to verify that. Glad you joined us! Jazz
  4. I love this song! The #1 hit by Barbara Lewis in 1963 brings back a lot of memories for us old guys. And I think Ms Lewis would approve of this marvelous and faithfully rendered 1977 cover:
  5. Welcome Michele, I've read a lot about the Sanders Magtech amp but never had occasion to hear one. I hear they drive ESLs rather well. What's your impression?
  6. Since you asked; I will be bringing a complete two-channel setup with subs, and a new pair of my Jazzman MkIII ESL speakers, identical to the ones in the photos below, and they will be for sale. The MkIII's I'm bringing are one of two pairs I built last year, which have been sitting unused in the back room of my house ever since. I don't need them and I will sell them for significantly less ($TBD) than comparable commercial ESLs. Actually; there are no commercial ESL's comparable to these, as each MkIII speaker is 69 solid red oak details assembled with interlocking joinery, symmetrically segmented wire stators, front & rear magnetic grills, and nothing is hidden but the grill magnets-- even the power supplies are visible thru Plexiglass safety covers. I have about $1,250 in materials and 125 hours of labor in these speakers! Many of you heard my personal MkIII's, or the pair I built for Ed, at Carverfest 2021, so I don't need to hype them. They come with a 5-year parts/labor warranty (same as Martin Logan) and I will service them for my lifetime. Note that the MkIII's require bi-amping (4 channels x 100W minima) with an active crossover (not included). I recommend a DBX Driverack PA2 or equivalent DSP/Crossover. Grills on:
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