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  1. Greg, I just learned tonight about Jenny's condition. It's very concerning but Jenny is young and strong and I'm ending positive thoughts your way for Jenny's speedy recovery. 🙏🙏
  2. Charlie a question if I may?

    Was it you that said you knew where or had a driverack PA2 for sale? 

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    2. oldtexasdog


      Thanks Charlie--hope all is well and your looking forward to your retirement:D/

    3. jazzman53


      12 more working days and I'm off like a prom dress!

    4. oldtexasdog


      Just don't let the dress get over your head🤣

      BTW ever have any experance with a Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS or a Conrad Johnnson premier 16LS Series 2 ? If so what should I look for if I am purchasing?

  3. I just discovered this girl this evening... wow, what a talent!
  4. I'll be bringing pair of stats is anyone wants to test amps with them 🙂
  5. VIDEO-2022-05-28-06-11-05.mp4
  6. Welcome Faust, I think you made the right choice picking the 35 over the 35X. It would be nice if you could find some rack handles for it but those aren't easy to come by. Also; you will want to pop the hood and check for bulging caps. And if it hasn't already been recapped, you might want to do that. There's a service manual for it in the manuals section here and I'm sure someone has already made up a recap parts list. I have a TFM-25 full recap parts list, and I believe the TFM35 uses the same caps-- although you would need to go thru the respective service manuals to verify that. Glad you joined us! Jazz
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