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  1. Losing Eddie is so sad. He was such a nice guy too young to be taken from us. Rest in piece my friend.
  2. Welcome, Mike, What part of SC are you in? Just curious... I'm right across the river in Savannah, GA. Enjoy the CarverSite! Charlie
  3. Welcome Clark, My one and only Carver Receiver was an HR-895, which I loved until it smoked and I didn't know how to fix it. Since then I've gone from 5.1 to 2.2 stereo using a trio of TFM-25's with a pair of subs and I'm happy with that. Do post some pics of your other gear-- we love porn. Enjoy the CarverSite! Charlei
  4. Welcome Mark, You have some nice gear. You mentioned a DBX223LX crossover-- I used one of those some years ago with my DIY hybrid ESLs and found it to be a very nice unit. I recently replaced the DBX223 with a DBX Venu 360, which is the most fantastic piece of equipment (other than my speakers) that I've ever owned (can tweak crossover points, EQ's, digital delays, and shape the sound any way I want, all in real time from my listening spot on the sofa using the Ipad control app). Big fan of DBX gear here. Glad to welcome you to the CarverSite! Charlie in Savannah, GA
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