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  1. American Acoustic Development Speakers.
  2. Sorry I'm new to this, where do I list my AV gear that will show when I post?  Thanks.

    1. wrf


      Upper right corner under your user name.  Click Account Settings.  From settings, select Signature from the list on the left.  You Signature will appear at the bottom of all your posts.

    2. DanoFL


      Thank you!

  3. Hello all, I bought my first Carver back in the mid 1980's at Harvey's in NYC, The Carver 900 Receiver. I regret selling it in 2007 for almost nothing. The Carver Receiver 900 was in great working and cosmetic condition. Just picked up The Carver Receiver MXR130 in great condition, love the sound. I hope to add to my Carver collection in the near future. This time it's for keeps.
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