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  1. Because of a mixup, it accidentally got put in my sisters car and is now about 5 hours away, but it should be back soon. I promise I will snap some pics.
  2. I've quite a bit of experience with electrical repair (cars, home) and computers (replacing RAM slots type thing). I've repaired a fair amount of guitar amps, but mostly its just replacing switches and potentiometers, or fixing bad solder joints. I am comfortable with a soldering iron and hot air rework gun, and a family friend has a mountain of old diagnostic equipment (worked for the schoolboard, so oscilloscopes, frequency generators, variable power supplies, etc.).
  3. I've been into audio stuff for a while, heavily into it in the 90's with my car. Bought myself a PM-1.5t which I lent out and was never given back. Just found a 1.5t at a thrift store for $8. It works if you leave it on for about 1/2hr, but noisy A/F before that. Hoping to learn some stuff about this thing, and eventually bring it back to life.
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